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Time for a break from the skin scroll, the arm burn, the War Child, and that looming visit from the Old Ones. Teen vampire Adam returned to Being Human last night with his new fiftysomething girlfriend, succubus Yvonne. They were on the run from the British press, who simply couldn't understand the love between a graying seductress and a bloodsucking child with the soul of a 47-year-old man. So, what better place for them to hide than in Barry alongside the sacred Baby Eve?

Adam, with his crude jokes and even cruder gestures, proved a welcomed comic relief from a season-long plot that hinges on the murder of an infant. Below, his real life alter ego, Craig Roberts (Submarine), tries "to keep it as normal as possible" while discussing yesterday's show.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What did you think when you first got the script and read that Adam was dating a succubus who looked three times his age?

It was hilarious. I just wanted to do it. The first time I played Adam, I was like "this is such a cool character that I'm going to go crazy with it." When they called me back, I was like, "great, I'm going to go crazier." It's cool to have fun while you're filming.

Was it just as cool with a whole new cast?

They're great. No disrespect to all the old cast—they're amazing—but the new cast is great. I'm pretty good mates with Michael Socha [Tom] and he's a very talented guy. There are big things ahead for him. Being on set with Damien Molony [Hal] is hard to describe. He reminds me of Ben Stiller for some reason. It's in the way he acts. He's pretty cool.

Were you disappointed that Adam wasn't the new vampire roommate?

Maybe a little. No, Adam makes more of an impact when he comes back for one episode. He's such a crazy character. To have him around all the time…he may not be that funny.

Are you really modeling him after Ricky Gervais?

Yes. I'm a pretty big Ricky Gervais fan. I remember doing Being Human last year and thinking this would be great chance to use Gervais' very cringeworthy and awkward comedy. So I was modeling Adam on [The Office's] David Brent, in a way.

Adam makes a lot of pop culture reference that are circa 1988 and earlier. You were born in '91.

I had to ask everyone about everything.

If I quiz you on some, can you tell me if you remember what they are?

Go for it.


No, no.

No. Suzi Quatro was one of them though. She was hot.

No. Oh, I've forgotten them all.

Yes, actually. There we go. I should know that one.

Why was Tom walking around the house in Underoos when you and Yvonne first arrived?

I have no idea. Probably because Michael wanted to get his body out, I'd imagine.

Did you imagine any backstory for what Adam was doing between Becoming Human and his return to Honolulu Heights?

No, but I think you can still make up what he's been doing. He's a crazy guy. He was probably getting with a lot of girls, or just saying that he's getting with a lot of girls and not getting with them.

When did he start dressing better? What happened to the greasy hair and gray sweatshirt?

In his first episode he was much more gritty and much more hungry [for blood]. I think he's on the right path now, in a way.

That scene at the end, when Adam and Yvonne reconciled from opposite sides of the front door, was so heartfelt and lovely. But isn't Yvonne essentially a pedophile?

[Laughs] Um, well, not really, no, because he's 47.

But he has the body of a teenager.

I mean, yes, to look at him, I suppose. Adam probably likes that. But that scene at the end is really nice. Because his character is so crazy in the big scenes with everyone, with the sexual innuendos and all that, it was nice to have that scene through the door where he connects [with Yvonne]. I really like that. That was something great in the script—none of that was improvised.

Is Adam a 15-year-old kid or a 47-year-old adult at heart?

Ooh, is that a trick question? I don't know. He's almost like the 40-year-old virgin, isn't he, in a way? He's 47, but he just wants to be liked. It's like David Brent. He wants to be liked, so he says all these things because he thinks they're funny, but they end up just being crude.

Would you return next year?

If they want Adam back, I'm sure I can go even crazier again. I would love it. The great thing is that he hasn't been killed or anything. At least you know he's not staked through the heart, so he can come back. And if he does, that's great. If he doesn't, he had a pretty good send off.

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