It’s official: The Wolfpack will come howling back next spring. Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov announced yesterday that The Hangover‘s three-quel will hit theaters on May 24, 2013. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis are all set to reprise their roles in the new film — as is Todd Phillips, who’s both directing and co-writing the movie with Craig Mazin, his Hangover II collaborator. In the release, Phillips refers to Part III as the franchise’s final chapter, adding, “It will be a fitting conclusion to our three-part opera of mayhem, despair, and bad decisions.”

The news isn’t exactly earth-shattering; after the second Hangover made an ungodly amount of money, another outing was as inevitable as Bradley Cooper wearing sunglasses. It’s a little surprising, though, that Phillips is confident that Phil, Stu, and Alan’s story will end when Part III‘s (obscenely illustrated) credits roll. Hollywood rarely calls quits on a franchise that seems like it might still have box office pull, regardless of what critics think of the sequels. (For the record: EW’s Owen Gleiberman is an avowed Hangover Part II fan.) Of course, some might argue that making a third film at all is a mistake — even if this last movie breaks away from the “dudes plus exotic animal search for missing buddy after a wild night” formula.

PopWatchers, what do you want to see happen in The Hangover 3: Return of the Tiger? (While no plot details have been released yet, Galifianakis has implied that the movie might follow the three best friends that anybody could have as they break his character out of a mental institution. That’s certainly different!) And more importantly, do you think it’s a good idea for Phillips and co. to be making a third move in the first place?

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