Her Madgesty's latest albums sounds a lot like... well... other Madonna albums

By EW Staff
Updated March 23, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT
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”Give Me All Your Luvin”’
Yes, she shouts out her own name — but she also sings, ”You can be my Lucky Star,” a nod to one of her first hits.

”Some Girls”
She mocks girls who act ”Like a Virgin” (hello, 1984) and says she’ll ”put your lovin’ to the test,” à la 1989’s ”Express Yourself.”

”I’m Addicted”
Her love, she gushes, ”fits like a glove,” borrowing a simile from 1986’s ”True Blue.”

After name-checking Marlon Brando and James Dean, both callbacks to 1990’s ”Vogue,” Madge says she likes to watch her lover get ”Into the Groove,” just as she did in 1985.

”I’m a Sinner”
Her new dance-floor burner goes out with a Hail Mary, the same prayer that opens 1989’s ”Act of Contrition.”

”Turn Up the Radio”
Drawn to her man ”like a moth to a flame,” she quotes a line from 1998’s ”To Have and Not to Hold.”


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