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(We'll take a deep dive into two reader questions this week)


Q: On a scale of Mary Poppins to Saw: Just how nail-biting scary/shocking is the season 7 finale of Bones for Booth and Brennan? Is there any happiness in the episode for them? Thank you. — Pam.

Pam, knowing that the season finale will feature the return of creepy hacktivist/serial killer Christopher Pellant (Andrew Leeds), your nerves are understandable — especially if you caught Hart Hanson's cryptic tweet earlier this week: "Our first conversation about the final image of Bones season 7 morphed into a spirited debate. It ain't gonna go easy…"

I happened to have Hanson and fellow exec producer Stephen Nathan on the phone that day chatting about the show's April 2 return, so I asked them to elaborate: "We're all happy with the story, and we're all happy with the cliffhanger we have," Hanson says of the finale episode (now titled "The Past in the Present"). "What we're actually debating is literally the last image that we leave our audience with. We have options as to how it motors us into season 8. There's a see-saw between hope and confidence and vulnerability and fear that we have to walk. We're searching for that last poetic image, and that's what we will argue about up until the day we shoot it — and I'll bet ya we still argue about it as we're putting music on the final shot in the editing room."

Hanson admitted to being incredibly vague, which is how Nathan intends to keep it. "This is an end to this season that we will be more than vague about — more vague than we usually are — because we really don't want to tell anybody anything," Nathan says with a laugh. Could we be losing a character we know and love? "We couldn't possibly tell you if someone you know and love were [going] to die in a horrible way," Hanson says. "And we are also not going to say Anthony Perkins does it in Psycho," Nathan jokes.

The quieter they keep, of course, the more fans will speculate. One theory being batted around The Spoiler Room: What if the cliffhanger is a marriage proposal? Booth (David Boreanaz) told Brennan (Emily Deschanel) in the season premiere that she would have to be the one to ask him, and Brennan has been known to take big steps in the wake of a tragedy — she and Booth finally slept together after squintern Vincent Nigel-Murray was killed last season. Perhaps Pellant's return will be traumatizing enough to get her to pop the question, and the argument is whether the final shot should be one that leaves us elated that Brennan has had this emotional breakthrough or frightened of the dire circumstances bringing it about? Or, maybe the "past in the present" is Booth once again proposing to a woman who's not the marrying kind, and the cliffhanger is whether Brennan has changed her position on marriage? Theorize below! — Mandi Bierly


Will anything "interesting" happen between Tony and Ziva when they go to South America?

First, your strategic use of quotes amused me. Second, while I can only preview the conversation I had with Cote de Pablo about this episode (full convo will go up here on the Inside TV blog the day the episode airs, April 10) I can say that I made it a point to bring up one of the last trips Tony and Ziva took together: Paris, which found the pair giving conflicting reports about the nature of their interactions. In other words: We still have NO idea what, if anything, happened. And that was exactly their intention, she says. "The France trip was really great, lots of fun. But Michael [Weatherly] and I had our own agenda. The way we played scenes was that something had definitely happened down there — even though it was never addressed," she recalls.

As it sounds like you know, this time around, the pair takes a trip to Colombia to work a case alongside a good friend of Ziva's, played by The L Word's Karina Lombard. And from what de Pablo tells me, it seems as though like her longtime friend attempts to do a bit of  eye-opening during the course of the episode to help Ziva realize that life is a series of important choices. "In this particular episode, I can't say that much happens, but at the end, there's a moment where you may take a closer look at the way DiNozzo may feel for Ziva," she teases.

With three episodes left for her to film this season, de Pablo says she's not entirely sure how the events from this episode will influence the end of the current season. "That's a really good question and I talked about it with Gary and the writers. I think they have a little bit of information they're not giving to me," she says. "We'll have to wait and see."


Before you get in a tizzy, there's no official word on an eighth season of Supernatural. But since I'm a positive thinker by nature, when I got a chance to chat with executive producer Bob Singer last week, I asked what his vision would be for the next season if the show was lucky enough to nail one down. The answer, he said, will obviously be largely influenced by where we leave off this season. "I think you'll see coming up that Sam's Lucifer problem certainly lessens," he said. "That carried a lot water this year. Jared really had the brunt of the emotional story. And I think going into next year — and, God, we haven't talked about this — but just in my opinion, I think we'd be well served to get back to where this whole thing started — as we used to say, saving people and killing things."

Much of the show's current season has been centered — with only small deviations — on the leviathan storyline that was introduced at the beginning of the season. Along the way, that storyline has given birth to smaller emotional arcs for the characters, particularly with regards to Sam's broken noodle and a string of heart-wrenching deaths. "[I'd like to] make it a good, kinda wild western yarn and try to leave the angst behind," Singer said. "I mean, there's always going to be angst on this show, but I think we've kinda wrung it out a lot this year. So we might lighten it up a tad next year."

And what of word on the chances of another season? Singer said that while "indications are that we will get picked up…we kind of leave options for ourselves [story-wise]. It would be nice if we heard sooner than later."


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Any scoop on Game of Thrones that I HAVEN'T read yet? — Russell

Well, I'm not sure what to say. I have no idea what you've read, dude! But luckily, James Hibberd, EW's resident GoT expert, was nice enough to file this report about the first two episodes: "First, rest assured, the first two episodes hit the ground running. The writers amazingly stitch together NINE very different major narrative locations while still making Thrones feel like one cohesive TV show. There's also more dry humor this season, and the new characters really pop (particularly Stephen Dillane as Stannis and Gemma Whelan as Theon's sister).

"Here's a few little teases that haven't been widely reported: Littlefinger tries to threaten Cersei (and you can guess how that goes for him), Joffrey orders his most horrific execution yet, and somebody discovers Arya's secret identity." Thanks, James.

We good, Russ?

Any spoilers about Juliette in Grimm? — Kriya

Well, I'll tell you this: You're definitely going to see a lot more of her. Last time we saw Juliette she had been kidnapped, and she let Nick know she wasn't sure she could keep going with this lifestyle. In episode 16, which airs in early April, Nick is going to take his lovely lady on a romantic weekend in hopes of reconciling with her and escaping work — but as you might guess, the trip ends up being anything but the getaway he was hoping for. (And Juliette might even walk away with a little more insight into Nick's lifestyle!) Meanwhile, Grimm itself returns a week from today with all new episodes. (Also, you heard the great news, right!?)

Sandra, like you, I'm totally a Robin-Barney shipper, but I am loving Quinn on HIMYM too. I find that she and Barney actually make more sense. But I'm wondering what it's going to be like when Quinn and Robin finally talk about [Robin's] past with Barney. Any chance we'll be seeing that soon? — Ange

Perhaps. But it's something Becki Newton (Quinn) would like to see! "I think it remains to be seen. I think it'll be an interesting development if Quinn and Robin do sort of face off," she says. "I have to believe Quinn is going to learn about Robin and Barney's past and it should be an interesting development when the two women confront each other about it." Agreed!

The Doppel Gang.
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Looks like people are saying Community might be sticking around for another season after the ratings last week. Pop, pop! Any scoop to celebrate? — Thomas

The spirit of Chuck will be felt strongly in the next new episode, when Subway comes to Greendale. Still unhappy with their sub-shop snub, Shirley and Pierce enlist the help of Britta to help them fight the corporate takeover — with one small complication: Britta falls in love with Subway. Oh, did I not mention Subway is a man, too?

90210 was SO sad this week! Any chance you have some scoop to make me feel better? — Emily

No. But I have some exclusive photos that might depress you more! Keep watching this space today. UPDATE: Here you go. Also, look whose back after a few episodes away! Ugh. This is going to be a tear-jerker! (See it this Wednesday on the CW!)

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I may be the minority, but I'm giving The Killing another shot. Will season 2 be worth my time? — Sarah

I'll tell you this: My favorite parts of the two-hour season 2 premiere were related to Richmond, who you'll recall was the target of an assassination attempt at the end of last season. The twists in his story are pretty compelling. The case itself, however, continues to drag a bit for my liking — minus the disturbing development that (literally) finds its way to someone's doorstep.

Most interested in #MadMen spoilers, but also would like to hear what's up for #InPlainSight and #Awake — @RB_Phan

I'll take In Plain Sight — mostly because I'm sure you've gotten your fill of Mad Men news over the past few days. ;) Luckily, when Mary McCormack (Mary) stopped by to chat with me, she was nice enough to drop a few hints about what's to come. Among the teases she seemed most amused to share? The upcoming episode that finds her co-star Fred Weller in drag. "We did an episode about a guy who was a drag queen, and when he came into the program he didn't want to give up his drag act. Of course, he had to because it was so high profile. But I can leak one other thing: If you look carefully, you will see Marshall in drag," she said. "It's not pretty. I'm not gonna lie. I told him to his face, 'Sweetie, it's a good thing you're a man.' He's an attractive man, right? Yeah, not a lady. The bone structure does not transfer. It's tricky business."

Any scoop on The Secret Circle? — Jenn

If you thought the episodes we've seen so far this season have had a bit of a spooky factor to them, stay tuned for one of the creepiest yet, says co-star Phoebe Tonkin (Faye). "There's one that's in a carnival where we go back to an abandoned carnival ground, and it's so scary," she says. "But it's also so good." And while we can pretty much guarantee there will be some sort of scary clown image in the episode, there's one thing you won't be seeing any time soon: witches on brooms. Tonkin recently tweeted a picture of herself riding a broom on set, igniting a bit of a firestorm among fans. But she assures she was only kidding around. "I was just being stupid because I found a broom on the ground, and I took a photo," she says with a laugh. "We're not getting brooms."

BLUE RIBBON PANEL Matthew Perry  joins the long list of Good Wife guest stars and his character butts heads with Alicia. 
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I've been hearing great things about this week's Good Wife. Anything to add? — Veronica

Could Matthew Perry be more mean in the ep? Probably not. But seeing him so downright unpleasant was also pretty cool, and just the kind of unexpected (and stellar!) performance we've come to expect from TGW guest stars. Elsewhere, a string of flashbacks to happier times with the Florricks aren't so much revealing as they are totally sweet. Of course, my shallow takeaway was that Alicia's wardrobe and hair have vastly improved. But I'm sure others will simply revel in the glory of their sticky sweetness.

I need scoop on this other person returning to House! Is it a guy or girl? Any hint appreciated!! — Lindsay

Hint. Or, you know… answer.

The River had its season finale this week. What are you hearing on season 2 chances? — Troy

Erm, not good. I hear ABC execs love the show, but in a world where ratings are king, The River's numbers were definitely underwhelming. But there has been reports of interest from cable channels and Netflix, so there's a ray of hope on that front. I'd love to see them at least get six more — somewhere.

Any word on Nurse Jackie's new season? I'm excited to see Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong on there. ('90s kid!) How long can we count on him sticking around? — Yolanda

Having just watched the season premiere, I can say you probably won't see him after the first episode.

If you had to call it, do you think Leslie's going to win the election on Parks? — Alyssa

If I had to guess, I'd say yes. That's 100 percent uninformed speculation. Actually, it's informed speculation. (But speculation nonetheless.) Allow me to share this tease I grabbed when I asked Amy Poehler a similar what-if scenario question: "Well, what's exciting about our show is that things change," she said. "We don't do a lot of resetting. We don't reset every episode and we don't reset every season, So when big changes are happening and coming, everything changes! So I'm really excited about what those are, but I don't want to spoil anything else." #Knope2012The Alcatraz season finale's coming up. On a scale of one to 10, how many answers will we get? — Victor I counter: On a scale of Flashforward to Fringe, you'll be Heroes season 2'd. Which is my way of saying that what's behind that mystery door was not as awesome as I'd hoped. Also, what's with all the scales today? (See: Bones question above.)

(Additional reporting by James Hibberd, Darren Franich, and Mandi Bierly.)

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