The Irishman follows certain patterns in his role selection (hint: it involves punching things)

By Grady Smith
Updated March 23, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Clash of the Titans

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Wrath of the Titans is the action star’s third movie of 2012, following The Grey and the 3-D rerelease of Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace. And he’s got three more to come: this summer’s Battleship and The Dark Knight Rises (he reportedly has a cameo) and this fall’s Taken sequel. Here’s a look at what ties all six of Neeson’s 2012 characters together.

1. The character’s a born leader
The fearless head wolf-defeater in The Grey, fiery Zeus in Wrath, and a badass naval admiral in Battleship — yeah, Neeson has no problem asserting his authority.

2. And a top-notch mentor!
His students include Batman, a planet-saving naval officer (Taylor Kitsch in Battleship) — and Darth Vader. Hey, two out of three ain’t bad!

3. He battles beastly opponents
He’s vanquished them all: Sith lords, kidnappers, evil gods, and ravenous wolves.

4. He’s got that menacing voice
Well, duh. You’d whip it out too if you were a baritone with a cool Irish brogue.

5. He’s handy with weapons
He’s aces with handguns — but the real fun happens with lightsabers, Olympian tridents, naval artillery, and minibar bottles fashioned as jagged-glass knuckles (The Grey).

6. He hates being held hostage
Trap him in the Underworld with Hades (Wrath) or kidnap him and his wife (Taken 2) and you’ll regret it, suckahs.

7. He can rock any fashion
From Zeus’ glowing armor to flowing Jedi robes to a crisp Navy uniform, dude always looks good.

8. He’s got really gorgeous kids
He’s papa to Brooklyn Decker (Battleship), Maggie Grace (Taken 2), and all the actual goddesses from Mount Olympus, too.

9. You will not harm those kids, damn you!
You don’t want to mess with his children. So watch out, Taken 2 and Wrath baddies. And yes, even you, dreamy Taylor Kitsch ogling his daughter.

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Clash of the Titans

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