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It takes a lot to scare Faye. The young witch is as tough as teens come, but in tonight’s episode of The Secret Circle, Phoebe Tonkin says viewers will see her bravery wane as she faces off against Lee’s ex-girlfriend Eva, who last week woke up from her coma with a major personality shift.

“To be honest, I don’t think anyone really threatens Faye,” she says. “But in the next episode, though, she’s a bit scared for her life, which is very different. It all gets a little dangerous.”

The situation has already seemingly claimed one life: Lee (Gray Damon), who fans last saw encased in a cocoon-like substance gasping for air. (But should we not start mourning just yet? Like Nick, who is expected to return later this season, Tonkin says we likely haven’t seen the last of Lee. There’s always a chance.)

“Eva is crazy,” she says. “She’s also not herself right now. So I think her power might wear off a little bit, and she might start realizing what she’s doing and realize that she’s killing people.”

The one positive side effect to Eva’s troubling turn? Tonkin says Faye, who has spent part of the season mildly consumed with exploring the darker side of magic, will reach out to her Circle a little bit more. “She’s kind of gone back to working with the rest of the group. Instead of doing it all by herself, she’s letting herself be part of a team,” she says. “Once she finds out what happens to Lee, she sees that Eva doesn’t have anyone else, and she realizes that she’s very lucky to have the Circle. She wants to be there for them and have them there for her as well.”

With just three weeks of filming left for the cast (They just received the script for episode 21), Tonkin says viewers can expect to see one major questions of the season further explored before they bow for the season. Namely, the real stories behind Charles and John Blackwell. “At this stage, we don’t know whose worse, Charles or Blackwell. I think they’ve both got bad intentions, and it’s going to be a bit of a battle between those two because they’re both bad,” she says.

But between last week’s ultra intense episode and the looming sex-induced curse that threatens to have dire consequences Tonkin says she’s also looking forward to more lighter moments, when Faye and her acidic tongue can provide some much-needed relief from the tension. “It’s really fun to do that kind of stuff,” she says of getting to deliver some of the show’s best cut-downs. “It’s fun to have someone there to act as comic relief when things are getting so serious.”


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