By Ray Rahman
March 22, 2012 at 09:46 PM EDT
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Sucks to be an Odd Future fan in Boston.

Nearly a year after the Los Angeles rap collective had their Newbury Comics show shut down by police, the Tyler, the Creator-led group has once again seen their show cut short by Boston’s finest.

According to a fan-made video, Odd Future were performing last night at the city’s House of Blues when the lights were turned on by the venue, apparently at the instruction of cops.

“Just so you guys don’t think we’re d—s, I was going to finish the song, because you guys paid money,” Tyler tells the booing crowd. “But the promoter cut us off.” Word has it, one of OFWGKTA’s crew members was arrested outside the venue.

“We wanted to finish,” he continues, “but the owner of the club made us turn it off and the police are right there.” He had more to say, but his mic was quickly cut off. See it go down in the video below:

So, is Odd Future finally going to be scary again? It seems like ever since their cockroach-eating, Fallon-haunting ascendance last year, they’ve become rather fun-lovingsilly, and downright cartoonish. We now know where Earl is; girls are asking Tyler to prom.

Meanwhile, the next rap group on the come-up, A$AP Mob, took it upon themselves to keep things dangerous. But maybe the ol’ Odd Future gang still have some rebellion up their sleeves? We’ll see.

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