It may not win him the presidency, but Newt Gingrich has earned a coveted PopWatch shout-out after he took to the toys to raise new concerns about opponent Mitt Romney’s conservative credentials.

One day after convincingly winning the Illinois Republican primary, Romney found himself again on the defensive after his communications director, Eric Fehrnstrom, said that his candidate’s move to the far right would be corrected during the general election: “It’s almost like an Etch A Sketch. We kind of shake it and start all over again.”

Speaking at a campaign rally in Louisiana, Gingrich brandished an Etch A Sketch and recounted the quote from Fehrnstrom, whom he called the “most honest” person on Romney’s staff. Gingrich then pointed out all the supposed problems with Romney having an Etch A Sketch as a campaign model before giving the toy to a girl in the audience, saying “She could now be a presidential candidate.” (The girl, no doubt, most likely wondered why the red iPad Gingrich handed her kept erasing all of her apps.) Watch the speech here:

Gingrich wasn’t the only Republican rival to draw blood after the Romney camp’s blunder. Rick Santorum also used the throwback toy as a prop during stump speeches, where mini Etch A Sketches were passed out to the crowd. But Romney’s loss is Ohio Art’s gain. The company that has manufactured the toy for more than 50 years told ABC News in an e-mail, “Happy to see Etch A Sketch, an American classic toy, is DRAWING attention with political candidates as a cultural icon and important piece of our society. A profound toy, highly recognized and loved by all, is now SHAKING up the national debate.”

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