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MTV announced this week that it will be airing a roster of new unscripted shows this spring. In addition to weekly music talk show MTV’s Hip-Hop POV (premiering at midnight on April 11 after Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew), the shows will document the lives of hardscrabble New Yorkers, a one-hit wonder hoping to climb back up the charts, and everyday people getting embarrassed. Learn more about the shows below, then tell us which one you’re most excited about.

Dev (Prime time)

In the tradition of long-lost Diary‘s “You think you know, but you have no idea,” this series follows the titular “Like a G6” singer (pictured) whose big break seemingly disappeared before her eyes when she discovered she was pregnant with a high-risk baby at 22 and subsequently saw her album delayed several times. With her album — and baby — about to drop, can Dev have it all? On the one hand, this does sound like it could be interesting if (and that’s a big if) Dev herself is interesting, of which I am not yet convinced. On the other hand, is it 1973? Are we still talking about this?

The Heights (Prime time)

MTV calls it a “docu-drama” but it sounds like Jersey Shore minus the Snook-larity (and hopefully the prescription pill addiction) — or perhaps The Hills with street cred. The show follows a group of friends in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood as they try to succeed as baseball players, hip-hop musicians, or slam poets. With MTV firmly entrenched in Ridiculousness (both from that same-name show and the self-perpetuating Challenge franchise), could this be a return to the gritty early ’90s conception of reality TV?

Epic Fail (Prime time)

The title sums it up. People embarrass themselves, and a panel mocks them mercilessly. It’s Ridiculousness with less skateboards. In other words, Traumarama has finally gotten its own television show!

Totally Clueless (Weekdays)

Celebrities and senior citizens are already being terrorized by Ashton Kutcher and Betty White’s hidden cameras; now everyone else is getting in on the action. The special twist: They can win money for realizing they’re being Punk’d.

MTV’s This Is How I Made It (Saturday mornings)

While I had Zach Morris and Sylvester “Sly” Winkle to inspire me first thing on the weekend, millennials will have a parade of stars who offer up “their recipes for success.” (Hint: It involves a lot of bacon.)

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