Marijuana Package 2

Two Express Mail parcels of marijuana en route from San Diego to the New York City offices of book publisher St. Martin’s Press were seized by federal agents after postal workers detected a “suspicious odor” coming from the packages, the Smoking Gun reports.

The sender had either been smoking too much of the stuff or reading too much fiction; the packages, the contents of which could be valued as high as $70,000, were addressed to Karen Wright — no one by that name works at St. Martin’s, according to a company phone operator — and the supposed sender “ABT Books” does not exist either. St. Martin’s Press publishes many major books, including titles by Robert Ludlum, Emily Giffin, and Augusten Burroughs.

Authorities are not seeking to track down the real sender. But in the meantime, the book publishing world is having a nice laugh. A #PotLit hashtag is cropping up on Twitter. Galleycat unsuccessfully tried to find any literary allusions that could have inspired the incident and posed the question, “Who is Karen Wright?

I’m just surprised that the packages weren’t lined with pages of a manuscript. Getting a book editor’s attention isn’t easy.

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