Credit: Fox

If House producers get their way, the highly anticipated series finale will be quite the Princeton-Plainsboro reunion.

We’re hearing several former cast members (including the previously reported Olivia Wilde) are in talks to make appearances in the final episode of the long-running Fox medical drama. The most exciting name on the producers’ wish list: Kal Penn, whose popular character committed suicide during the show’s fifth season.

How would Dr. Lawrence Kutner return to House, exactly? Flashback? Dream sequence? Alternate reality? Dr. House goes to heaven?

We don’t know (and if we did, we’re not telling). Keep in mind talks with former cast members are ongoing and the finale lineup could still change. But with the last episode shooting in two weeks, the guest star roster is expected to firm up soon. We’ll keep you updated. The House finale airs May 21 and is preceded by a one-hour retrospective special.

Penn recently had a recurring role on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother and could be on the air next fall full-time, too, since he’s starring in the ABC comedy pilot Prairie Dogs.

Would you like to see Dr. Kutner make a return appearance?