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Last year, author Richelle Mead graduated from her popular Vampire Academy books and released Bloodlines, the first volume in a new six-part spin-off series. We got our hands on the first chapter of The Golden Lily (out June 12) and spoke to Mead about Sydney’s future in the series — and why fans might be throwing the new book across the room (in delight?) when they finish reading it. Read on for the exclusive excerpt!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you know that the last line of Bloodlines would create such a stir?

RICHELLE MEAD: I kind of hoped it would, but some of the reactions surprised me! I had a few people say they threw the book across the room in happiness when they read that line, which is funny since a lot of people also threw Shadow Kiss across their rooms in frustration when they read the last line of that book. I guess my books are just destined to take a beating… but hopefully it’s a compliment. Something tells me The Golden Lily may see a few walls.

What can you tell us about Dimitri’s role in the second book?

Well, since Sydney, Adrian, Jill, and Eddie are our stars in this series, Dimitri’s in more of a support role here compared to the other series. That being said, fans can rest assured that he’s still doing plenty of what he does best: being hot, kicking ass, and dropping words of wisdom with a Russian accent.

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How will the bond between Sydney, Eddie, Adrian, and Jill continue to evolve?

This group really is like a little family. Each of them grows and faces new challenges in the series, which then affects their relationships with each other. They have their dysfunctional moments but are ultimately close and supportive of each other. Angeline from the Keepers joins their circle in this book, which adds an even more unpredictable (and fun) element to it all.

Was it hard to get used to writing from Sydney’s point of view in the first Bloodlines?

Very difficult. In any series, whether it’s a spin-off or not, you have to really know your narrator well in order to pull off a good voice. A lot of that can only be learned “on the job,” after you’ve written a fair amount. I’m working on the third book in the series now, and I think I’ve got the hang of Sydney — though I’ll never be quite as smart as she is.

Will there be more romance in Golden Lily?

There’s romance everywhere in this book.

“The World of Richelle Mead” app just came out – what do you like most about this new way of connecting with your fans?

I love seeing where people are reading the books around the world. I get e-mail from readers from all different places, but seeing it right there on a map takes it to a whole other level. It’s amazing and very humbling. I feel so lucky that my books have all that support!

What did you think? Did the first chapter whet your appetite for blood? Or are you too excited for Dimitri’s return?

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