Castiel’s death was just one of the many casualties that have rocked Sam and Dean this season on Supernatural, and the episodes since have shown the boys — particularly Dean — coping with the immense loss. So you can imagine the feelings and emotion that will bubble to the surface when, as promised, Misha Collins returns in this week’s episode. (Well, at least for Dean.) In traditional Supernatural fashion, there’s a side order of twist with our excitement.

Collins returns as a healer, who Dean enlists to help Sam through a mental break. And while the healer has more than a resemblance to Dean’s angel bestie, as this exclusive clip shows, he has no recollection of Castiel’s time with the boys. So is it Castiel? A doppelganger? We’ll all have to watch on Friday to find out the answer. But one thing is certain: Collins’ character — Castiel or not — will still provide some of the clarity Dean so often needs.

In this clip, for example, Dean explains that he once had an ability to move on after tumultuous events in his life. “It might take me some time, but I always could. What Cas did, I just can’t. I don’t know why,” he says to the healer, who responds with a reality check. “You’re not a machine, Dean. You’re human.”

“The Born-Again Identity” will mark the first of at least three episodes Collins will appear in during the rest of the season. Check out the clip below!

(Also, mini-Quotable: “Your friend’s name was Cas? That’s an odd name.” I missed him…)


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