Hints of “Vogue,” “I’m Sorry,” “Human Nature,” and “Like a Prayer” thread through Madonna’s new video for “Girl Gone Wild,” released 12 days after the Material Girl first teased it.

The black-and-white clip shows Madonna looking the best she has since at least 2005’s video for “Hung Up.” Of course there is the requisite writhing, hip grinding, a rousing dance sequence, and a smoldering mantourage. It is, in a word, awesome.

Watch below.

Countering the slickly colorful imagery of the lyric video Madonna released for “Girl” last month, the clip embraces an old-school vibe circa the Blond Ambition Tour/Sex era. And that’s a good thing.

By mingling trademarks of her act from 20-plus years ago with her aughties-era aesthetics and au courant dance sounds, it’s as if Madge is throwing up an M.I.A.-esque middle finger to her Super Bowl-performance detractors, who claimed she was too old, too slow, too loath to accept her age. (For the record, she’s 53.) Oh yes, Her Madgesty is addressing those naysayers. She’s telling them, “I can still do what I did then — and kill it.”

What do you think, minions? MDNA hits stores March 26 — a date that is likely tattooed on the foreheads of many true-blue fans. I’m betting this video will keep them dancing and drooling for the five remaining days.

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