By Marc Snetiker
March 21, 2012 at 04:18 PM EDT
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Richard Cartwright/ABC

Tim Tebow’s career may be up in the air, but Tebowie’s is hitting its stride. The football farceur returned for another performance on Tuesday’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, this time addressing Peyton Manning’s move to the Denver Broncos.

“Tebow prayed to God, begging him to smite the Mannings and find him a job. Just not on the Lions, but maybe the Giants, have him and Eli switch, oh payback is a bitch,” sang Tebowie, a.k.a. Jimmy Fallon, in jaunty boots and a jersey.

Tebowie is one of the late-night host’s most popular singer characters. (He’s previously also spoofed Pearl Jam, Justin Bieber, and Neil Young). Channeling the Broncos quarterback and David Bowie, Fallon let loose with a Ziggy Stardust rip addressing Manning’s recent move to Denver, which will likely shake up Tebow’s future and push him out of town. Watch the performance (complete with fuzzy ’70s camera effects!) below:

UPDATE: Looks like New York (where Fallon’s show tapes) can expect to see a lot more of Tebow, as the quarterback has just been acquired by the Jets in exchange for a fourth-round draft pick. Does this mean we’ll get more Tebowie!?

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