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September 10, 2019 at 11:08 AM EDT
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Something so big happened on last night’s Cougar Town that they titled the episode “Something Big!” Clever writers. Anyway, the road to marriage isn’t an easy one, particularly when you’re packing a lot of extra baggage. So off to therapy Jules and Grayson went to make sure their relationship was completely baggage free before tying the knot. Therapy was a success, but then they hit a pretty big speed bump when they learned Grayson had (gasp!) fathered a child with a former girlfriend/clubbing partner.

Enter Holly (Briga Heelan), Grayson’s baby mama, and his daughter, Tampa. The best thing about this “something big” was that Laurie not only knew Holly from grade school, she was also Tampa’s godmother. What what! As you can imagine, Jules was none too pleased when she learned her fiance had a child with another person. It was a problem not even Big Carl could solve, and ultimately, Jules had to decide if it was going to be a dealbreaker for her. But wise Ellie helped her see the light: Jules has a kid with another person too, and “he gets his dream kid, and your 43-year-old egg maker gets off scot-free.” Problem solved!

Meanwhile, Ellie had taken up wave sitting so she could have some alone time. Bobby interrupted her time alone and offered to transform her wave sitting into actual surfing. But you know what they say: You can’t teach an unteachable woman new tricks. Thanks to some advice from new girlfriend, Angie, Bobby stuck it out and successfully taught Ellie how to hang ten. Awww. He’ll always be there for her!

And in my favorite story line of the night, Travis and Laurie explored their “relationship” or whatever the heck it is. I know it might be creepy, but I just love these two together, and I can’t help but root for them. I think I’m officially a Laurie/Travis shipper. Anyway, it seemed as though Travis had outgrown his crush on Laurie, finally realizing nothing real would ever happen. But all that flirting made Laurie feel special, and she was jonesing for her Travis attention. He even told her no when she asked him to go to lunch louie with her! But at the end of the day, Travis couldn’t give up the opportunity to make her smile by participating in his college’s black fraternity step dance. These two are totally going to happen, right?

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++ “What the… This is my bra. Oh, right. I always forget that we hooked up. Look, it was not the worst sex of my life…” —Laurie to Grayson after finding her bra in his Lost & Found Bang Box

++ This week’s title card: “You know what would be cooler than this title card bit? A new title. Cougar Town.”

++ Andy: “Babe used to stay home and ride these waves.”
Jules: “You sleep with that.”
Ellie: “I sleep near that.”

++ Ellie: “This little cul-de-sac crew does everything together.”
Jules: “That’s not true. Yesterday, I took a shower without talking to you on speaker phone.”
Ellie: “And?”
Jules: “It was horrible.”

++ “You guys are making me miss my husband. He killed himself.” —Therapist Lynn (Nicole Sullivan, another Scrubs alum)

++ Travis trying to come up with house names (Phallus Palace, the Nut Hut, and Wang Town), before settling on The Panty Graveyard with the help of Laurie

++ “That makes less sense than non-alcohol beer. Or soccer.” —Bobby on Ellie’s wave sitting

++ Grayson: “She wrote down narcissist, but doesn’t say which one of us she meant.”
Then Jules and Grayson at the same time: “I’m sure it’s me.” “It’s gotta be me.”

++ “I don’t think that baby’s his. Have you seen how tight his jeans are? He’s definitely firing blanks.” —E Street a.k.a. E Train a.k.a. Ellie

++ “Wow. He should not be driving.” —Angie after demonstrating Andy’s lack of peripheral vision

++ “Sig has always considered himself black adjacent.” —Travis

++ “I could teach you how to step. Yeah, I have watched Stomp the Yard like one million times. There’s a scene — 72 minutes in — where it’s just all of these ripped, hot, black dancers, and they’re running up this mountain shirtless. When I’m not talking, that scene is what I’m thinking about.” —Laurie

++ Grayson: “Once we find out that I’m not the father, which Maury Povich show celebration dance are you gonna do?”
Jules: “I’m gonna do the boob shimmy double point to God.”
Grayson: “I’m gonna do the finger stache pimp limp.”

++ “Stop saying paddle and pop up. The last time I tried that, I got a saltwater nose enema.” —Ellie

++ Travis: Two summers of pre-teen dance camp with my moms what up!”

Laurie: Did you just try to make that sound cool?

Travis: I did. And I regret it.

++ “All you non-helmets think it’s just so easy.” —Travis

++ Grayson’s newest song: “Bobby and Ellie are in the gang/But they hardly ever hang/Unless it’s when they’re hanging ten/Cause they like to surf, they like to surf/Bobby and Ellie they like to surf/Bobby and Ellie they like to surf/They like to surf, hey watch them surf/Cause they like to surf/She just fell down!/Bobby and Ellie they like to surf/They like to surf, just watch them surf/That shot looks fake, but it’s still great/Cause they like to surf, they like to surf”

What did you think of “Something Big?” Do you want to see more of Tampa and her glitter blush? How do you feel about the Travis/Laurie relationship? Pound some grape, then sound off in the comments below.

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