By Mandi Bierly
March 21, 2012 at 09:10 PM EDT
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Spring is in the air, and Covert Affairs star Christopher Gorham captured a heartwarmingly symbolic sign of it today in Washington, D.C., when he filmed White House security reuniting a mother duck with her offspring who were struggling to make the step up onto the lawn. “Aw factor of 10!” Gorham wrote alongside his WhoSay video post. Check out the video below.

Christopher Gorham on WhoSay

Apparently the valiant rescue was only part of the story. Gorham tells EW the guards tried to encourage the ducklings to walk around the wall and through the gate before setting up an impromptu ramp, though they ultimately had to pick up the little fluffballs and give them a personal escort. We’d like to have seen video of that, too.

UPDATE: Ask, and you shall receive! Courtesy of Gorham, “#DucklingGate part 1 ‘Wrong Turn'”:

Christopher Gorham on WhoSay

And “#DucklingGate part 2 ‘A Step Up?'”:

Christopher Gorham on WhoSay

Gorham is in D.C. for tonight’s American Association of People with Disabilities Leadership Awards Gala, which will honor Covert Affairs‘ home network USA for its Characters Unite initiative.

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