Steven Tyler has certainly been stepping it up with the honesty this season, but tonight he cut right to the heart of the problem with season 11 jokester Heejun Han.

“Are you happy that you took the piss out of that song?” Steven asked Heejun after the contestant clowned his way through Billy Joel’s “My Life” — going so far as to pretend to “mess up” or change his mind about song choice at the beginning of the performance. “You showed ’em. You told ’em,” continued Steven. His tone was placid as usual, but for one of the first times ever on Idol, he looked downright annoyed.

“The music business will kick your ass,” Steven told Heejun. “Sometimes you gotta be a bit more serious.” Watch Heejun’s performance:

Is anyone else digging Steven Tyler right now more than ever?

Have you had it with Heejun Han or are you into his act? (“I don’t know if he’s an actor or a con man,” joked guest mentor Diddy. “I don’t even know if he’s Asian.”)

And who was your favorite singer tonight? I’m torn between Joshua Ledet (got the goosies when the choir appeared) and Elise Testone.

Stay tuned for my full American Idol recap overnight.

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