In 2011, Adam Sandler achieved something roughly akin to cinematic nirvana, emphasis on “roughly.” First, he starred in Just Go With It, which brought Sandler’s penchant for casting ridonk-hot actresses as his love interests to a natural apotheosis by forcing Sandler’s character to choose between Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston. (Just Go With It climaxed with a Hawaii vacation, which was totally necessary for the story arc.)

Then, he starred and co-starred in Jack & Jill, a mad-genius cameo-stuffed psychodrama in which Sandler played his own sister and tries to seduce Al Pacino. (Jack & Jill climaxed with a cruise-ship vacation, which was totally necessary for the story arc.)

How do you follow up a year like that? Enter That’s My Boy, in which Sandler’s character was seduced by a Mary Kay Letourneau-bot as a 13-year-old. Which means that grown-up Sandler now has an only slightly-less-grown-up son — played by Andy Samberg. The trailer brings up so many questions. Is this Sandler’s way of officially anointing his SNL successor? Has any girl ever in the history of humanity actually caught a baseball in her cleavage? And why — dear god, whyyyyyy — is Sandler using his Little Nicky voice again?

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