By Josh Rottenberg
Updated March 20, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Ever since the trailer for Dark Shadows hit the web a few days ago, it’s safe to say that the buzz has been mixed. Some fans of the original 1960s vampire TV soap opera are gnashing their fangs at the idea that director Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp (who’s playing the suave undead playboy Barnabas Collins) seem to have turned their cherished cult series into the stuff of campy comedy. Others think the movie looks like a twisted gothic hoot in the vein of other Burton films like Beetlejuice. We’ll have to wait until May 11 to see the complete results of Burton’s handiwork, but in the meantime, freshly emerged from the shadows, below are several new posters for the film. Each highlights a particular character, with ghoulishly pale portraits set against colorful backgrounds and the tagline “Strange is Relative.”

Johnny Depp turns into Barnabas Collins in shades:

Helena Bonham Carter is a neon-eye-shadowed Dr. Julia Hoffman:

..and Bond girl Eva Green becomes Angelique Bouchard:

What do you think? Do these posters shed any more light on Dark Shadows for you?