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Newt Gingrich and Chuck Norris wouldn’t seem to have much in common. Gingrich was one of the most powerful men in the country in the ’90s, when he spent his years as Speaker of the House cheating on one wife with his next wife. Norris, conversely, was one of the most powerful men in the universe, thanks to his role on Walker, Texas Ranger, a show about how martial arts will save America. But interesting times create strange allies with warring hearts, so Norris is currently robo-calling for Gingrich’s presidential campaign. In the call, Norris claims that he’s interested in finding out which GOP candidate could beat President Obama in a head-to-head fight. He pointedly stresses, “I didn’t say hand-to-hand combat… even though I think [Gingrich would] win there, too.” Listen below.

Now, all I know about fighting comes from Street Fighter, but isn’t a match-up between Gingrich and Obama roughly equivalent to a showdown between E. Honda and Vega? I mean, sure, Gingrich has the hundred-hand-slap. But Obama has the claw.

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