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In sum: A lot happened on tonight’s new episode — not the least of which was a “Quinn-tervention,” in which the gang tried to stop Barney from moving forward with his relationship after they decided she wasn’t to be trusted. The result? A dramatic display that ended with Barney and Quinn breaking up.

Oh, and it was all a set-up. (After predicting the group’s reaction to Quinn, Barney and Quinn came up with a detailed plan on how to counter-attack.)

I have to admit, it was great seeing Barney have a partner in (emotional?) crime. So often, people try to stop Barney from being the mischievous grown-up menace he is. For that reason, the arrival of Quinn has been pretty refreshing. (I can’t say she’s his “better half” necessarily because they’re both terrible/awesome people!) This episode was the first of what I imagine will be many examples of the adventures they can have together. And I can’t wait to see them all.

At least, that’s how I see it. Also, it’s possibly how Quinn sees it, too. After their plan came out in the open (and resulted in TWO hilarious kisses!) Barney, who has made it clear he accepts Quinn for who she is, asked her what it would take for her to stop stripping. (No pressure, of course, he claimed.) Her answer? Marriage.

Not that she stated it seriously — or in any way that was meant to imply she needed to be married immediately. Instead, Newton’s delivery was sly, suggestive, and all together sweet.

I, like the gang, have had mixed feelings about Quinn — even moreso because, as most of us assumed, she was clearly the person the writers wanted us to believe ends up at the altar with Barney. Tonight, however, is the first time I can see that ending making sense. Before tonight, it would have felt premature, unbelievable. Now, it’s sort of coming together. Do you feel the same?

I’ve already pondered too much! I want to hear from you. And make sure you come back later for a full recap of the episode!


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