By Sandra Gonzalez
March 19, 2012 at 05:31 PM EDT
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A lot has changed since Michael B. Jordan filmed his guest stint on tonight’s episode of House. For one, at the time, he (and likely many of those around him) had no idea they were working on one of the show’s last episodes ever.

“I don’t think at the time I was shooting the show people knew it was going to be the last season,” he says. “But it’s one of those shows that you want to be involved in at some point in your career — like a Law & Order or CSI. To be able to work on the show on its final season, it’s definitely an honor.”

As patient-of-the week, Jordan, 25, admits he spends a lot of time in bed — naturally. But Will Westwood’s (Jordan) life outside of his medical struggles (he’s been blind since birth and is suffering from a life-threatening infection) is pretty complicated, too. “It’s a roller-coaster ride episode. It’ll make you laugh, smile, make you sad. It has everything wrapped into one — House style,” he says.

Jordan’s own career has been a bit of a thrill ride lately as well. After his memorable stint on Friday Night Lights (the series ended last year), Jordan has appeared on several episodes of the latest season of NBC’s Parenthood, which is executive-produced by FNL head writer-executive producer Jason Katims. Jordan is also set to appear on Katims’ next project, County, which was ordered to pilot from NBC in January. The show follows a group of doctors, nurses, and administrators as they navigate life in an underfunded L.A. Hospital.

“We’re still figuring him out,” Jordan says of his character, intern Travis Hancock. “But I’m looking forward to it. You see so many hospital dramas and — not to take anything away from any of them — but we’re trying to do something different. We want to breathe new life into an old idea.”

The show will also reunite Jordan with his Parenthood costar Jason Ritter, with whom, Jordan points out, he never shared a scene. “We’ve been talking about doing something together since then, and look what happened. It’s going to be a good year,” he says.

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