Quinn and Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) are wasting no more time on the getting-to-know-yous, says How I Met Your Mother guest star Becki Newton.

After a chance meeting just a few episodes ago, Barney has become smitten with the stripper-turned-apple-of-his-eye. And for further evidence, one need look no further than the display of affection that takes place in tonight’s How I Met Your Mother: The pair’s first “team-up”!

“I think that’s a really exciting development,” she says of seeing the pair work for a common cause. “They spent the first couple of episodes trying to figure each other out and in [tonight’s] episode we see them take a couple of steps further and start to have a good time together.”

Though she declined to elaborate on the situation, we do know that tonight finds Barney and Quinn in a tough spot after the gang stages a “Quinn-tervention” after learning Barney and Quinn plan to move in together. “We are on the fast track, which is very exciting. I think the episode is going to surprise a lot of people,” she says. “Their relationship is very unpredictable, and the people around them are always trying to figure it out. They’re both nefarious characters in many ways, and I think people often question their sincerity for various reasons — and probably rightfully so. And when they pair up, I think it leaves the people around them asking a lot of questions.”

But Newton’s confident the gang will eventually see the truth — and the heart behind the character, who has a tendency to be polarizing. “I think the cool thing about Quinn is that she’s not overly concerned with what everyone else thinks. She’s a very confident person. But, really, I think [the gang] will see Barney is happy and go from there.”

At least, that’s what we can assume. After all, Newton is set to appear in the rest of this season’s episodes, the former Ugly Betty actress says. All the better. Mother had treated her well so far — and not just on set. But while she says the cast and crew are “incredibly welcoming,” Newton recently booked the lead role in The Goodwin Games, a pilot from HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas that centers around a group of siblings whose father has died. “[On the show,] these three siblings reunite and are sent on this adventure that the father has set up before he passed,” she says. “On the surface, it’s to get them to compete to win his fortune, but what it really is, is three siblings coming together. So there’s this surface element of a great game and adventure, but I believe it’s a family story underneath it all.”

She says that her time on Mother, with its marriage between comedy and drama, was part of the reason she signed onto the pilot. “[These writers] can handle that balance better than anyone.”

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