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On AMC's post-Walking Dead talk show, Talking Dead, executive producer Robert Kirkman broke the casting news fans of the comics have long been waiting for: Michonne, the fan-favorite, sword-swinging badass, will be played by Treme's Danai Gurira.

The hit show included many surprises in its action packed second season finale: Rick's revelation to the survivors that they're all infected with the zombie plague; the ominous sight of the prison where some of the most pivotal action in Kirkman's Walking Dead comics take place; the expulsion from the farm; Hershel's transformation from misguided softie to gunslinging badass; the fact that T-Dog had a line. But one twist stood out above all the rest. Laurie Holden's Andrea getting saved from a pack of zombies by a hooded warrior wielding a sword and leading a chain of leashed walkers. That's right, Michonne made her jump from the page to the screen at last.

Michonne's backstory in the comics is somewhat similar to Andrea's. They were both attorneys who've found ways to adapt to post-apocalyptic life. "These characters have struggled so hard to find a life worth living in this new world," Kirkman said on Talking Dead. "Michonne has found that new life." This announcement also comes on the heels of news that her full history will be revealed in a new Walking Dead comic to run in Playboy.

Considering that Michonne is one of the most popular characters from the comics, it makes sense that Kirkman wouldn't bring in a "name" actress weighed down by celebrity baggage. Gurira, a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, is still a relative newcomer. Her most significant role to date is as the Village Voice reporter Jill on Treme, though she has also guested Lie to Me, Law & Order, and Life on Mars and had a small part in 2008's The Visitor.

Did you just get more excited for season three or what?

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