Clay Aiken is an angry puffer fish! Lisa Lampanelli can’t handle a dirty joke! Aubrey O’Day is a modern-day Einstein! We learn such things every week on The Celebrity Apprentice, don’t we? I’m filling in for Dalton Ross this week, so check out my full recap at 2 AM (UPDATE: Celebrity Apprentice full recap is live!) and scroll on down to read more about tonight’s “amazing” boardroom, deemed such by Trump himself! [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you’ve already watched Sunday’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.]

For a second there, Tia Carrere actually believed she was in no danger. Even when Trump delivered the news that Forte had lost, she was confident that she was a great project manager. The women disagreed, derailing her turn as PM, as is usually the case when there’s a loss (especially a mop-centric one), but in the moment when Trump asked her to bring back two teammates, Tia actually sealed her own fate by trying to go against Trump Law and imitate last week’s rule change.

Drawing on the previous week’s firing of Adam “Funnyman” Carolla and Michael “Man” Andretti, Tia couldn’t have possibly believed that her “taking responsibility” for the team’s loss would ensure that Trump fire someone else, could she? And even so, what team member did Tia hate so much that she attempted to bring down with her, even when she was already axed? If only she had an opportunity to bring that woman to another audience in front of Trump and be given a chance to excoriate her and save herself… Oh, wait a hot second, she did! But she blew it, and wound up jumping on her own knife for no apparent reason. It was a class A reality TV showicide.

What do you think of Tia’s move? Was is a noble no-brainer, or simply a no-brain no-brainer? Let us know in the comments, and hit up the full recap soon! (And if you are woebegone because of Dalton Ross’s absence this week, fear not — he’ll be back next week to chat with you about the celestial madness that is The Celebrity Apprentice!)