By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 16, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

The Leviathan have taken virtually everything from Dean and Sam this season on Supernatural.

The hard-to-kill creatures have stripped them of resources (R.I.P. Bobby’s books and house), friends (R.I.P. Castiel and Bobby), and familiar comforts (WHERE ARE YOU, IMPALA!?). But before the brothers dive deep into the battle for revenge toward the end of the season, Supernatural will offer up some lighter episodes, executive producer Robert Singer told EW today, starting tonight with “Out With the Old.”

“It sort of gets back to stuff we’ve done in year’s past with a twist at the end. And I think it’ll be interesting for the fans, without giving away too much,” says Singer, who penned the hour. Further ahead, Castiel will return (but “he’s not quite the Castiel we knew,” Singer teases) and the show will also see a return from quirky hunter Garth (D.J. Qualls) as the brothers battle a monster that can only be seen when a person is drunk. “The monster is invisible to everyone and there’s no one better to take on the drinking than Dean,” says Singer.

Of course, per Supernatural’s usual strategy, the lighter fare will offset the heavier episodes that tend to pile up at the end of the season. This year is no different. Following Bobby’s death, the hunt for top evil-doer Dick Roman has been full speed ahead — but with little result (much to Dean’s annoyance). Toward the end of the season, the boys will have their time to right the wrongs thrust upon them by their foes.

“I will say that I think the end of the season has a satisfying end for the viewers. But like most years, we solve one problem and start another, which is really what we’re doing this year,” he says. “We were really happy with the villain this year: We thought the head Leviathan was a really great villain. He’ll get paid off by the end of the year.”

And, at some point, they’ll get a little help from geek goddess Felicia Day, who will play a gifted computer hacker who “gets caught up in something that in her wildest dreams she never thought she would.” While incredibly pertinent to the season’s big arc, the episode, which just finished filming in Vancouver, is also a bit of a spin on the norm. “The boys have to enlist her help and particular expertise and that’s a Leviathan, mythology-heavy episode. That episode has a fun, caper element to it,” he says.

Much of this season has been a spin on the norm, Singer admits. And that was something they decided on early on. (In fact, the somewhat warned fans of Sam and Dean’s dire situation over the summer at Comic-Con.) “Having their world shrink, shrink, shrink on them as they were fighting the largest thing they’ve ever fought, that was all something we talked about in the writer’s room early on. We wanted them to be the last cowboys out there and the modern world was closing in on them. We wanted them not as well equipped to fight this battle as they were to fight others,” Singer says. “It was them against the world at a certain point.”

But will the world be back to normal by season’s end? Or at the very least, will fans get see the much-missed icon on wheels (the Impala) one more time before heading into hiatus? “Could be. I can’t say for sure,” Singer says with a laugh.

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