Reviews of the latest songs from Norah Jones, Marilyn Manson, and Beach House

By EW Staff
Updated March 16, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Norah Jones, ”Happy Pills”
The folk songstress is often as drowsy as she is jazzy, but here she’s got Danger Mouse to pep things up. ”Pills” is essentially a breakup song, its your-stuff’s-on-the-porch lyrics undercut by a chugging rhythm and breezy ”na-na-na”s. Norah Jones: now safe to consume while operating heavy machinery! BRay Rahman

Marilyn Manson, ”No Reflection”
His bogeyman act long eclipsed by tangible fears like terrorism, Manson (right) attempts to recapture his devil-and-drugs heyday with a workmanlike industrial crunch that sounds as dated as a Y2K compliance guide. C-Kyle Anderson

Beach House, ”Myth”
There’s so much longing in this duo’s lovely dream-pop ballad, you can hear everything that Victoria Legrand wants: love, fame, and a hash cigarette, in that order. ”Help me to make it,” she sings, French-inhaling each word. But with a voice that gorgeous, she’s already helped herself. B+Melissa Maerz