By James Hibberd
Updated March 16, 2012 at 05:19 AM EDT

Hey, I’m watching the premiere of ABC’s Missing. I didn’t realize Sean Bean was in this sho–


And that’s about how much of Bean we saw in the pilot for ABC’s new globe-hopping action drama, which stars Ashley Judd as an ex-CIA agent searching for her kidnapped son. Bean plays her government agent husband Paul, who’s murdered by a car bomb explosion during the pilot’s prologue.

But unlike Bean’s killed-off characters from other projects, he’ll continue to appear in flashbacks throughout the first season (in fact, we have an exclusive clip of an upcoming scene with Bean below). Below, Bean talks to about the show:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So that has to be world record for killing off one of your characters.

Bean: Yeah. I get exploded. You’ll see me in flashback and that’s the story that unfolds between Paul and Becca. It starts off back-to-front, in a way.

How much of you can we expect to see this season?

The flashbacks are quite substantial. You find out who she is and who Paul is, and and what their relationship is all about.

What can you tell us about their relationship?

It’s about these two people who work for the same agency who come together and fall in love. They get married. And since I’m still trying to maintain the day job, it’s quite difficult. There’s a tension between them. He goes over to Rome to study and she loses sight of him at that point. You don’t really know what he’s into and she doesn’t know either.

Since the camera cut away from him when the vehicle blew up, can we assume he’s really dead?

[Teasing] Uh, I cant remember.

Have the Game of Thrones producers asked you to shoot any flashbacks for that show?

No, I’ve not been asked. I understand there’s some flashbacks in the later books. So that would be fun to go in again for a short while.

What are you working on next?

I just finished a BBC drama by an excellent writer [Jimmy McGovern], a series called Accused. I get to play a transvestite.