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Howdy, Roomies.

It’s that time of the week again, so I hope you enjoy some of the juicy tidbits in this week’s installment. And with finales just around the corner, I imagine it’s all just going to get juicier as the weeks tick by.

But on that note, if there’s something I’m missing, don’t hesitate to put in a scoop request! ( And a million thank yous to those who already write in! Wait, let’s make that a thousand. We’re in a recession after all. I have to be prudent.

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What’s better than an in-office visit from a Pretty Little Liar? If I may douchily answer myself: A visit from TWO Pretty Little Liars. And that’s exactly what happened to me yesterday when Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario stopped in to film a quick video (which I’ll share with you Monday!), make me laugh (you’ll see…), and answer some of your burning questions! Check ’em out:

Are Spencer and Toby going to work things out? I miss them! — Emily

Toby’s back in the finale. But “work things out”? Unlikely, from the sounds of it. “We find out where Toby really stands in the finale,” teases Bellisario. “And I will say that it’s shocking and perhaps not completely to Spencer’s liking.” (Hale offered her theory: “He’s a woman!” But Bellisario retorted, “With those abs!? What woman has those abs!? It’d be like a GNC commercial.”)

I’m calling it now: Jenna’s “A.” There’s no way she can’t be! Am I right? — Sara

Maaayyybbeee. And maybe not. I can’t say. But I can tell you that she definitely rises to the top of the Liars’ suspect list after they become privy to the truth about her sight. “She was somewhat off our radar, [but] she’s definitely at the top of the suspect list” says Hale. “All the suspects are in the finale,” adds Bellisario. “And when we figure out [Jenna’s secret] … it’s a big shock.”

What’s the early intel on season 3 of Pretty Little Liars? — Larsen

The girls don’t know much about what’s in store when they go back to work on April 2 — except that they won’t be sporting much clothing! “[Executive producer] Marlene [King] texted us saying that we were going to be in bikinis in the first episode,” Bellisario dishes. “It was funny, she texted us literally as I was sitting down to brunch, and my French-toast plate arrived. So I took a picture of it and said, ‘What am I supposed to do with this then!?’ Marlene’s awesome, though. She was like, ‘EAT IT!'”


Klaus and Caroline fans went a little banana-nuts this week when they seemed to believe I’d left their favorite blondies off my scoop radar after the Vampire Diaries panel at PaleyFest. To that I say, bite your tongue! Not only am I a big fan of any pairing involving a man who draws ponies, but all that talk of Klaus’ profile during the panel (hilarious as it was!) made me hope more than ever that our hottie hybrid gets the last laugh. Also, I was saving this clip of Julie Plec and Candice Accola for you!

In our mini-chat below, I asked Plec what’s in store for this pair as we head toward the end of the season, and she assured me we haven’t seen the last of them — but there are big complications on the horizon. Aside from Caroline’s continuing efforts to tell Klaus to “talk to the hand,” there will soon be the little issue of Tyler to deal with. “When he comes back, he’s going to step right into the middle of watching this hybrid making moves on his lady, and he’s not going to be too psyched about it,” she said. “The question is, how do I stand up to this guy and tell him to get his hands off my girl without exposing the fact that I’m trying to break my sire bond with him. It’s going to be tough!”

Meanwhile, Accola is more focused on pointing out the major “red flags” of the situation. You know, like Klaus is a murderer. “We have to keep in mind — everyone’s all excited all of a sudden. But I’m like, ‘Guys, he’s a mass murderer.’ He’s bad and creating an army to murder people!” she said.

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