Readers' thoughts on Katniss, Meryl, Uggie, and enough fictional musicians to shake a tambourine at

By EW Staff
March 16, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Wicked Games
Thanks for another great issue with the Hunger Games cast. Your coverage has definitely helped make waiting until March 23 a little less painful! After learning how director Gary Ross took so much initiative in order to get the job — and was adamant about getting the Girl on Fire scene exactly right — I was reassured that this movie will be one of the best of 2012.
Laura Otrhalik
Paw Paw, Mich.

Seriously, EW? Our greatest living actress wins her third Oscar, a Frenchman wins his country’s first Best Actor Oscar, a silent movie wins Best Picture…and you feature yet another movie adaptation of yet another YA book on the cover.
Michelle Fearnley
Las Vegas

Oscar, Up Close and Personal
The account of the 2012 Oscars ceremony from a backstage perspective was thrilling and insightful, and just couldn’t be found anywhere else. Meryl Streep and Uggie — who could ask for anything more?
James Sie
Los Angeles

Faking It Till They Make It
March 9’s EW Looks Back was a battle of the fake bands. Below, readers tell us which pseudo-performers rock their world.

With songs like ”Say It (Don’t Spray It)” and ”U + Me = Us (Calculus),” it’s no wonder the MTV movie about the band was turned into a TV series.
Bailey Jones
Opelika, Ala.

Steel Dragon
Rock Star
If your top five were a top six, Mark Wahlberg’s band would surely have been included. The movie wasn’t a highlight for Wahlberg or Jennifer Aniston, but the music…well, rocked.
Louis-Philippe PÉloquin
Varennes, Quebec

The Wonders
That Thing You Do!
In one of the biggest injustices of the 21st century, you left the Wonders (also known as the One-ders) off your list. For shame!
Paul Myers
Chanute, Kan.

Strange Fruit
Still Crazy
They’re the greatest phony band of all time! The songs were written by real rock musicians and are so good that the soundtrack is still available. ”The Flame Still Burns” indeed!
Rick Jerome

The Zit Remedy
Degrassi Junior High
As self-proclaimed fans of the great Canadian teen soap, how could you overlook this group? Joey, Snake, and Wheels would be most unimpressed.
Stuart Green
Whitby, Ontario

Drive Shaft
The song ”You All Everybody” has one of the catchiest hooks ever sung by a fake band. If it were available on iTunes, I’d snap it up in a second!
Alison Park
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Extra, Extra!
In his DVD reviews, Chris Nashawaty always does a nice job of pointing out releases with good extras, things I usually seek out when I rent movies, particularly if the film is based on an actual person or a historical event. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that these extras are becoming more difficult to find (even on Blu-ray, which promoted itself by promising additional extras), at least on rental copies. As a result, people are forced to buy DVDs rather than rent them. That’s certainly a financial blow to consumers like myself.
Scott Chapman
Moscow, Idaho

Must-See Movie
How sadly ironic that not long after the school shooting in Ohio, I read your article ”Hollywood Battle Brews Over Bully” (News and Notes), concerning the MPAA’s decision to bar access to the very demographic this documentary needs to reach. By giving it an R rating for ”some language,” the MPAA shows a lack of knowledge about the scourge that is bullying. Hopefully, Harvey Weinstein will move heaven and earth in order to change its misguided decision.
Janelle Seavey
Oakland, Maine