Not only can you now check out a sneak peek of the new Snow White & The Huntsman trailer (the full one will debut during Monday’s episode of The Voice) but we’ve got three new featurettes to tide us over till the film hits theaters June 1. Directed by Rupert Sanders, this take on the fairy tale classic stars Kristen Stewart (as Snow White), Charlize Theron (as the queen), Chris Hemsworth (the titular huntsman), and Sam Claflin (the prince).

Each of these mini features are interesting — detailing the (awesome) look of the sets and hearing from Stewart, Hemsworth, Theron, and Sanders about their motivation and what they’re trying to achieve. (Also, we learn who Chris Hemsworth would not want to take on in battle.) Take a look below — and make sure to click through to the end for a sneak peek at the latest trailer.

My favorite has to be short feature on the incredible-looking Colleen Atwood costumes. (Spoiler: there are dresses made of beetle wings and cock feathers!)

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