It seems like only yesterday we were discussing how a song off Madonna’s upcoming album MDNA was leaked. Oh right, that’s because that’s exactly what we were doing yesterday.

A mere 24 hours after fans heard a one minute snippet of the leaked “Superstar” (a pop ditty awfully reminiscent of old-school Madonna that features the musical debut of Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon), yet another track from MDNA has hit the web. This one’s called”Falling Free.” Take a listen below and consider what so many leaks, so little time could mean for Madonna.

In case you’re keeping score, this makes for the third leaked track in less than a week. In addition to “Falling Free” and “Superstar” fans have already had a taste of the naughtily-titled tune “Gang Bang” and seen a teaser for the “Girl Gone Wild” video. (A song that, like the “Love Spent”, “I’m Addicted”, and the Super Bowl trouble-starter “Give Me All Your Luvin'”, we have already been heard as well.)

The minute-long sample of “Falling Free” gives an indication of what MDNA‘s ballads might sound like. That means crooning, a piano, violins, and lyrics like “Deep and pure our hearts align/And then I’m free, I’m free of mind.”

Having already allowed fans to hear what at least half of the album will sound like (MDNA features twelve tracks), has Madonna come up with an excellent strategy with putting out all these teases and er, “leaks”? Or would any true blue Madonna fan have purchased the album, teasers or not? Does it spoil all the fun of hearing a new album completely fresh and in its entirety, or is it simply keeping in line with our Twitter-ized Ineedtohaveitrightthismoment culture?

MDNA, at least what remains to be heard of it, is slated for a March 26 release.

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