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Cougar Town is really on a roll this season. And last night’s “A One Story Town” was easily the best episode yet. I guess good things really do come to people who wait nine months for their favorite show to return. But before we get down to business, we have to set up the episode: It was all one giant nod to the 1966 movie, Gambit. The film, starring Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine, features characters Harry Dean and Nicole Chang executing a brilliantly planned robbery. Only this foolproof scheme of theirs is only in Harry’s head, and actually still in the planning stage. (Ed. note/hidden gem: If you look closely, you could even see Gambit on the theater marquee in the plaza early in the episode.)

Well, Jules was our Harry, masterfully planning how to get Bobby and Angie back on the track to love. Unsurprisingly, Bobby had managed to torpedo their budding relationship “right into the crapper.” Jules came up with the perfect plan, appropriately titled “Operation Kiss the Girl,” that ended with Bobby and Angie kissing at the beach. Only, none of this ever happened. It was just her fantasy plan.

Meanwhile, Ted—who we met on this show during last season’s trip to Hawaii—returned with his a cappella group, the Worthless Peons. They stopped to visit the cul-de-sac crew on their way to audition at Disney World. And as such, we were treated to several Disney classics, a cappella style throughout the episode. (I thoroughly enjoyed “Heigh-Ho.” But let’s be honest. They were all great.) All the hotels were booked due to the annual Crab Fest, damn, Quebecers! So the Peons had to stay with Jules.

But Jules didn’t have time to be preoccupied with mere Peons. She was still trying to help out Bobby. Jules enlisted the help of the rest of the crew to make her fantasy plan a reality. But, of course, nothing about her plan was foolproof: Bobby forgot his pants. Manatees died. There was a spray paint fight. Bobby called Angie dumb. Laurie was temporarily blinded after a hot sauce/vodka incident. Bobby spilled soup on Angie’s legs. Etc. Etc.

But there’s nothing a little Tom Cruise running and Disney singing can’t fix. She was able to get Bobby and Angie back in the plaza to share a super-romantic kiss. That was fun. Let’s do it again!

NEXT: About that reunion, and the night’s best moments and lines…

But I’ve totally buried the lede here: There was a Scrubs reunion! And it was hilarious. At the end of the episode, Ted started to freak out because “everyone here looks like someone from my old job.” Enter all the Scrubs alter egos: Ellie/Jordan, Angie/Elliot, Chick/Dr. Kelso, Tom/Dr. Zeltzer, the pizza guy/J.D., and the pool guy/The Todd. This had me rolling. And I love that the show’s creators have a sense of humor about their Scrubs past and all the current tie-ins with Cougar Town. I tip my imaginary hat to them on this one.

++ “When I rank all the things that make me want to die, it goes books, snakes, PBS, a cappella.” —Jules

++ “It’s one of those unexplainable things like magnets or volcanoes.” —Jules

++ The title card: “Welcome to Cougar Town: No, it’s not just Scrubs in Florida with a lot of wine.”

++ “If spray paint touches this helmet, and I will murder you. Omar style. I mean that. Man-to-man.” —Travis, working in a Wire reference while threatening Andy

++ Jules: “You know what happened after that kiss?”

Laurie: “He put a baby in you?”

Jules: “No. That was a few days later.”

++ Tom, the group exploder. He’s just like fireworks!

++ Laurie: “I love spicy food so hard! I think it’s because my mom gave birth to me after a night of pounding Bloody Marys at a Whitesnake after-party. I was a Jacuzzi baby. Born and conceived in one!”

Jules: “Books, snakes, PBS, a cappella, that story.”

++ “You can’t break up a fight with your shirt on. Haven’t you ever seen Road House?” —Bobby

++ “Tell him to call her chunky next. Chicks love that. Call her a chunky bitch!” —Ellie

++ Jules: “You know, wearing this headset makes me look like Sigourney Weaver in that movie with the alien.”

Ellie: It was called Alien.

Jules: “No. I’m thinking of a different movie.”

++ “It was Y2K. We thought we were going to die. A lot of stuff went down that night.” —Jules

++ “Just a little bit off the rim! It’s not going to compromise the infrastructure.” —Bobby not understanding the importance of eating the soup before eating the bread bowl

++ “Stupid Canadian kids and your holes!” —Laurie after hilariously falling into a hole in the sand

++ “To me, people are just bags of skin that slow down my day.” —Classic Sarge

There was just so much good with this episode, it’s really hard to be objective. What did you think of “A One Story Town”? Did you listen to “Kiss the Girl” as many times as I did (eight) after you watched the show? What was your favorite line? And whose cameo did you enjoy the most?

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