American Idol's "gentle giant" Jermaine Jones — who, let's be honest, probably would have been the next person kicked off Idol anyway — has reportedly been disqualified from the show for concealing multiple crimes and outstanding police warrants in 2011. According to THR, "Jones' departure will pan out in dramatic fashion on Wednesday night's broadcast." Ewwwww.

Jones had been brought back into the Idol fold for an "incredible second chance" on February 28 as part of the Top 13 Guys. He had previously been eliminated by the judges on the green mile. At the time, Idol had highly publicized the "extra guy"'s return, eventually naming Jones as the lucky contestant over former hopefuls Johnny Keyser, Richie Law, and David Leathers Jr.

Jones jumped the gun on Wednesday's disqualification by announcing his departure over Twitter Tuesday night:

He quickly deleted the tweet, but then retweeted fans' replies of support for the next few hours. As of right now, Jermaine Jones' Twitter account has been deleted entirely. (CHILLING.)

If Jermaine is indeed disqualified tonight, do you hope the judges bring someone else back to perform? Should Jeremy Rosado get another chance? What if Johnny Keyser emerged dripping wet, fresh from the hot tub, or "the next Carrie Underwood" Lauren Grey wandered on stage? Candice Glover, anyone? I could go on and on. But I'll stop. (Jen Hirsh!)

We have no idea what will happen. Evil overlord Nigel Lythgoe is counting on y'all to tune in and find out!

And should the judges eliminate someone anyway? I hope they do this week, so that the performance show (Songs From the Year You Were Born) is not a complete wash. Fox hasn't announced if there will be a "judges' save" this season, but they could always use that down the line and still eliminate someone tomorrow to further the twisted little plot they've created.

What do you think?

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