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We’ve been building up to the NCIS wedding all season, and it’s almost here! But Jimmy Palmer’s much-awaited nuptials, which take place during the season finale, won’t be set in D.C. Nope, the team’s going on the road for the big event and headed to…


“Breena’s character is from Florida, so the plan is to have this wedding in Florida,” executive producer Gary Glasberg reveals to EW exclusively. “The whole team will, in theory, all head down for that and at the same, time be dealing with some significant stuff back in D.C. It’ll be a juggling act between the two.”

Still in the process of being written, the finale will pit the team against a “unique” adversary that will challenge the team in a way we haven’t seen before, he adds.”This one will be a little different because it’s going to be more focused on the Navy and more about the fleet. Someone’s targeting Navy ships,” he says. “I like to pull things back periodically. I don’t want to forget that NCIS is a Navy-related show. I know that that’s important to our military overseas and a lot of our viewers. I think they’ll enjoy this sort of twist in the storyline.”

But will this twist include a body count? Glasberg’s understandably coy, but says, “There’s some danger involved and we’ll have to see where that puts our team. There’ll be a cliffhanger and we’ll see what’s left when we come back.”

How ominous!

NCIS returns with new episodes March 20.

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