By Lanford Beard
Updated March 13, 2012 at 07:46 PM EDT
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon, 15, has been slowly edging her way into the spotlight by attending New York’s Famed LaGuardia High School, co-designing the Material Girl line with her famous mom, and acting in an online sweepstakes viral video for the brand.

Today marks another move forward — “Lola” sings back-up on “Superstar,” the latest track to leak from MDNA (out March 26). Hear a snippet of the song below.

Typically Madge-ian lyrical complexity aside (“you can have the password to my phone”?), “Superstar” is a lovely homage to li’l Lo that traces directly back to Madonna’s 1998 anthem of new motherhood, “Little Star.” It fits squarely in the mid- to uptempo range made for blasting in earbuds and out car windows as spring transitions to summer, and inviting Lola onboard makes total sense for where Madonna is going with her sugary, youth-centric Hard Candy follow-up.

That said, “Supertar” doesn’t have the hookiness of album-leader “Give Me All Your Luvin'” nor the chart-dominating, juiced-up club-thump of “Girl Gone Wild.”

What do you think, music fans? On a sliding (and grinding) scale of “American Life” to “Masterpiece,” where does this new track fall? Can it stand out on this wildly anticipated album, or will it fall into other songs’ shadows like its predecessor “Little Star” did on Ray of Light?

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