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You’d think that by now Kim Kardashian might be used to this sort of thing. After all, the ubiquitous reality star has earned her fair share of criticism about everything from her 72-day marriage to her offensively exorbitant lifestyle to her family’s general terribleness. Having already been called a ‘f—ing idiot’ by Daniel Craig, Kim should have suspected that other classy, handsome Hollywood gents might feel the same way. In fact, in an interview with Elle UK Jon Hamm found the same words for her. (And Paris Hilton, for that matter. Remember her, you guys? Guys?)

“Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated,” the Mad Men star told the magazine, adding, “Being a f—ing idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly….It’s celebrated. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

While Jonah Hill would most certainly agree (the Moneyball actor griped to The Huffington Post, “The fact that the Kardashians could be more popular than a show like Mad Men is disgusting”) Kim took offense to the statement. Opting to take the high road — or, in this case Twitter — Kardashian responded, “I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that not everyone takes the same path in life. We’re all working hard and we all have to respect one another. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, “stupid,” is in my opinion careless.”

When will all the obscenely attractive people of the world learn to get along?!

In all honesty, do you think Kim Kardashian gave a surprisingly well thought-out, sincere response, or does it take a lot of nerve to suggest that her “hard work” in any way matches up to those of a serious actor, like Hamm, who truly had to earn their place in the spotlight? Should Kim, who has more or less become famous for being famous — and a spicy home video — take this sort backlash and criticism about her success with a grain of salt? After all, that’s what the money is for.

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