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After last night’s Bachelor finale, fans may have wanted to hear what runner-up Lindzi Cox would say to Ben Flajnik, who proposed to Courtney Robertson in Switzerland and renewed their engagement on the After the Final Rose special despite admitting he broke up with her while the season was airing. But they didn’t get the chance. “I was at After the Final Rose, but it was brought to my attention that it was pretty emotional with Ben and Courtney, and it sounded like they have a lot to work on in their relationship, so I sorta decided, along with the producers, that I’m in a good place and I don’t need closure. Ben has bigger issues to worry about, like his engagement,” Lindzi says. “I don’t really have anything pressing I need to say to Ben. If down the road I do, I can have a chance later.”

Her only regret from that night: “I had a really cute dress on,” she laughs. “It was Black Halo. I did wear it last night on Jimmy Kimmel. So I finally got to wear my Black Halo dress.”

We got answers to a few more burning questions when she visited EW earlier today:

On telling Ben to call her if it didn’t work out with Courtney:

“So, Ben had just rejected me on this awesome mountaintop in Switzerland and walks me out, right? And it’s this awkward silence, and like, I didn’t know what to say, you know. So, as a joke, I was like, ‘Well, if things don’t work out, call me.’ Ben laughed about it. We laughed about it, and it was like we joked about it. Well, watching it, it didn’t really look like it was a joke…. I was just being funny.”

On whether she’d accept his call today:

“I don’t have any hard feelings at all towards Ben. I think that at the end of day, he has to make the decision that’s best for him. I respect his decision. I wish him nothing but the best. But I think I’ve had four months now to really move on and get clarity on everything. If he calls me and wanted to be my buddy, absolutely. But I think that him and Courtney have a pretty special relationship and they need to work on that.”

She hasn’t spoken to Ben since the finale. She hasn’t spoken to Courtney either. “I read about ’em in the magazines and stuff,” she adds with a laugh. “But that’s about it.”

Onwhether she believed Courtney’s apology on The Women Tell All:

“She could’ve have handled the whole situation a lot differently, so good for her for coming out at Women Tell All and saying her piece. However, watching it — and you know it’s not my place to sit here and judge — but watching it, it didn’t feel like a genuine ‘I said really mean things to you, ladies, and I’m sorry.’ It sounded to me like, ‘A lot of people said really mean things about me for saying mean things about you guys, so I’m sorry.’ So I didn’t take it as very genuine.”

We tell her we would’ve believed Courtney more if we’d seen her ask to call the girls and apologize directly to them on the show instead of apologizing to Ben for making the experience tougher on him. “I didn’t really have any hard feelings with Courtney, so she doesn’t really have anything to reach out to me to apologize about, but I think yeah, if she were to call the girls that she called a stripper or a this or a that. Like, man up a little bit and call them on the phone and say, ‘Hey look, I’m sorry. I said something mean that I shouldn’t have said.’ But, I mean, it’s her life to live, right? Who am I to say?”

Because she was on a red-eye from Los Angeles last night and doing press all morning in NYC, she’s only had time to watch her part of the finale and hasn’t seen the After the Final Rose special yet. “I’m kinda excited to get home and watch them on my DVR.”

On whether she got to keep her formal wear from the mountaintop:

“I got to keep the gown and the jewelry, Alexis Bittar. Ohmygod, beautiful earrings, and the shoes. The cape, I didn’t really have much use for unless I was gonna go to a cloak party or something. What’s that movie where they wear cloaks? Harry Potter,” she laughs. “It was very Harry Potter.”

On whether she’d consider being on Bachelor Pad:

“I think Bachelor Pad would be really fun to do. No one’s talked to me about it formally. But I think I’d love it. Games and winnin’ some money — I’m all over that one.”

On whether she’d consider being the next Bachelorette, if she’s single after Emily’s season airs:

“Absolutely, I would consider it, if it was an option for me. The experience I had on The Bachelor was so great. What an opportunity to go back and have my own chance with 25 victims,” she laughs. “Suitors.”

What would she ask producers for? “Just give me 25 funny, charming, good-looking, nice, NICE guys.”

On what’s next for her:

“As soon as filming wrapped, I was right back to work. I work for an IT consulting firm in sales. So I do a lot of cold calling. A lot of the people I work with don’t watch the show, and the ones that do are my clients that watch it ’cause they’re watching me. It’s these guys that you look at and you think, ‘You would never watch The Bachelor,’ and they’re like renting out rooms in sports bars to have finale parties. It’s pretty funny.”

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