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In truth, the only thing missing from the original Angry Birds game was the presence of alien pigs. Developer Rovio has officially announced Angry Birds Space, a follow-up to the smash app Angry Birds and a follow-up to follow-up Angry Birds Seasons, which will be released on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac on March 22. Video of the upcoming cosmic pig-killing madness has since emerged from SXSW. See Rovio’s official teaser and and find out a few intriguing game details below.

IntoMobile got a sneak peek at the new game, and a rep for Rovio says that it tried to ramp up Birds’ authenticity by integrating NASA and ISS into the game’s physics. While the jury’s still out on that one, the game is innovative, and it looks to be more than just Angry Birds-meets-Super Mario Galaxy (which, in truth, is the most relevant space game I can think of right now aside from Star Fox 64, which was really just a vehicle for Peppy anyway).

The Birds’ foray into the final frontier relies heavily on the gravity pulls surrounding the planets, and you’ll have to have a keen eye for avian trajectories to master this one. The Rovio rep demonstrates some other new features, including falling asteroids and the addition of at least two new birds (for which, let’s face it, everyone will come up with their own nicknames anyway): Laser Bird, which is essentially the Fast Yellow Bird dipped in pink Cyclops steroid dust, and Ice Cube Bird, which turns Blue Threesome Bird into an ice-making hawk from Hoth.

As someone who spent far too many hours playing the original Angry Birds (three stars!), I am beyond excited, and I’m not even dismayed by the fact that there is actually a serious entertainment entity with a second sequel that must have been pitched with an un-ironic delivery of the words, “… but this time, they’re IN SPACE!”

Full SXSW demo footage

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