By Clark Collis
March 12, 2012 at 07:41 PM EDT
Merrick Morton

Last year I moderated a cast reunion of The Big Lebowski at which the mighty Jeff Bridges calmed more than a thousand crazed fans — and, frankly, saved this moderator’s bacon — by leading everyone in a group “Ohm.” So I wasn’t surprised to learn today that Blue Rider Press has acquired the world rights to a Bridges co-written tome, tentatively titled The Dude and the Zen Master, which will explore “the meaning of life, laughter, the movies and trying to do good in a difficult world.”

The book is set for publication in November of this year and is being co-penned by Bernie Glassman, a longtime friend of Bridges who is described in the press release as “a world-renowned spiritual leader in the American Zen movement.” It will also feature a number of illustrations by the Oscar-winning actor.

“On a movie set I do my best to keep my head and heart open,” Bridges said in a statement. “My favorite part of the whole deal is jamming with the other artists, getting to know them, sharing the excitement of what we’re up to, and inspiring each other. That means intimacy.  I look for that in life as well.  That’s why I hooked up with Bernie, to make the most of this wonderful experience called Life.”

No, I’m not entirely sure what that means either. But then, as Lenin once famously said: “I am the walrus.”

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