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When you think of Javier Bardem as a sadistic villain, a certain hair-do likely springs to mind. Anton Chiguhr’s page-boy locks in No Country for Old Men became part of that character’s terrifying menace. Skyfall director Sam Mendes — wisely methinks — is going in a completely different direction for Bardem’s baddie in the next James Bond film due this fall. In a recent Daily Mail snapshot from the film’s set in Whitehall, Bardem was dressed as a London Metropolitan cop, with straw-blond hair poking out from under his cap.

Of course, the blond hair could be as much a part of his disguise as the badge and uniform. Bardem’s criminal, reportedly named Silva, could conceivably have another unsettling ‘do under that hat and/or wig. Or he could be completely bald, a look that’s worked for Bond’s nemeses in the past and seems to be coming back en vogue, what with Batman’s latest challenge, Bane. I’m hoping, though, that the blond hair is real, and that when he’s not wearing a hat, he styles it just like Max Zorin from A View to a Kill.

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