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We’re just 11 days away from the hotly anticipated release of the kiddie-homicide blockbuster The Hunger Games. Lionsgate has done a surprisingly good job of keeping most of the film under wraps — the various trailers have focused mainly on the early part of the story, with only a few sneak peeks of the hunt-to-the-death action inside the Arena.

To fill that gap, a whole series of fan-made Hunger Games films have popped up online — and unlike, say, the upper-level production requirements of a Star Wars fan film, making your own Hunger Games movie just requires a forest and gallons of fake blood. We’ve rounded up the best of the best. Check them out, then make sure to click through to the end to vote for your favorite Hunger Games fan film in our poll. (Spoilers, natch.)

Katniss and Rue

An oldie but goodie, this short hit back in November 2010 and opted to dramatize the book’s most tearful death scene. The first scene looks a little bit like what would happen if Joe Carnahan hired high schoolers to re-enact Bumfights, and I mean that as a compliment.

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The Hunger Games Project

Katniss faces off with Clove in this short which also features a cameo from the Dark Knight soundtrack.

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Katniss and the Careers

Hooray for surprisingly decent visual effects! Clearly should have been subtitled Sunglasses at Night.

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Johanna Mason

Actress Linna Carter purposefully designed this film as a demo reel. She plays the fan favorite batcrap-crazy Johanna, a character who pops up in the Hunger Games sequels, and she admits that the movie is a kind of backdoor audition for the part. Hey, she has the kookball laugh down.

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Sims 3 Hunger Games Trailer

YouTube filmmaker Hallanee almost certainly spent an absurd amount of time “filming” iconic scenes from the book inside of The Sims 3. Totally worth it.

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The Second Quarter Quell

Like Katniss and Rue, this Haymitch origin story comes from MainStay Productions. Also like Katniss and Rue, Second Quarter Quell ratchets up the gore factor. PG-13, Shmee-G-13.

To these filmmakers, may the odds be ever in your favor. Now, Hunger Games fans, which short is your favorite?

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