By Sandra Gonzalez
March 11, 2012 at 11:59 PM EDT
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The moment Daniel Grayson was denied bail, we knew his days in prison would be anything but easy. And in the next new episode of Revenge, airing April 11, the dangers associated with incarceration come fist-to-face with the eldest Grayson child — with a twist, of course.

The scene, which leaves poor Daniel (Josh Bowman) bloodied and beaten, is just one of many juicy tidbits the crowd at PaleyFest was made privy to after checking out the first 30 minutes of the next new episode, and one of many future nail-bitters in store for the rest of the season.

But not to worry, creator Mike Kelley said, Daniel’s time in prison won’t last too long. In fact, the aforementioned twist (which involves mom Victoria Grayson) might help get him out sooner than you think. And the episode airing April 18 will jump several months ahead to mid-December and Daniel’s trial, which will come to a conclusion in episode 19, Kelley revealed.

The following episode, the 20th of the season, will be “an origin story” that features two flashbacks, Kelley said. The first takes viewers back to 2002, when young Emily (Emily van Camp) was working at an event fans saw in a photograph of Victoria (Madeline Stowe) and Lydia earlier this season. “We wanted to bring back all these people she has taken down in the first season to one party where she meets them for the first time,” Kelley said. Van Camp added: “She’s not quite believing her father and his journals [in the episode]…and there’s a big event that really solidifies what her father has been telling her.” And later, the episode shows the world of David Clark in the early 90s.

The hour will launch fans into the last episodes of the season, leading to a big cliffhanger and fresh mystery for the show’s yet-unofficial (but pretty much guaranteed) second season.

“Overall the pattern is going to stay the same [in season 2],” Kelley said. “If we’re lucky enough to get another season, I think what we’ll do is another giant event that will resolve itself in midseason and we’ll deal with the aftermath of that.”

Many of the lingering questions — like those about Emily’s mother, whether or not David Clarke is still alive, and what else is on Mason Treadwell’s tapes — will also make for story fodder in season 2, Kelley added.

What else is in store? Here are some smaller scoops:

+ Much to the chagrin of Gabriel Mann, Kelley said Nolan and Emily will continue to have a sibling-like relationship. And on the red carpet, Mann told EW that while their relationship is “slightly frosty right now,” it’ll soon be “Antarctica.” “Our relationship is tested in every way possible,” he said. “I think if they can make it through to the other side of this, they’ll be a formitable duo. They already are, but they got some issues to work out coming up.”

+ Nick Wechler said Daniel’s incarceration and Faux-manda’s MIA status will “open some door of possibility” for Jack and Emily.

+ Meanwhile, Daniel’s imprisonment will also give viewers a chance to see “how far she’s willing to go for Daniel,” Van Camp added.

+ There are big reveals coming with Takeda (Hiroyuki Sanada) that will explore his true intentions.

+ Wechler joked that the flashback episode shows Jack sporting “Rock of Ages hair,” a comparison that earned big laughs from the crowd.

+ Viewers will see a “definite shift in loyalty” from Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) and there’s a “big decision” coming her way that will have equally large consequences.

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