The Hunger Games film release is less than two weeks away – are you ready for the reaping? Join us on for the livestream of the premiere on Monday! But that’s hardly all that’s going on this week – there’s a bunch of Oscar-nominated films coming out on DVD so you can catch up on what you may have missed, plus Discovery Channel investigates life on ice and Idol is already down to the Top 12. Have a great week!


Today marks one year since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. In commemoration of the disaster and to focus on the resilience of Japan, filmmaker Ridley Scott is using today to kick off work on his new project, Japan in a Day, which asks people around the world to film whatever they are doing today, March 11, and submit it for inclusion in a crowd-sourced documentary. Scott previously collaborated with YouTube on Life in a Day, which gathered footage from around the world and told a story of humanity. You can watch the trailer on YouTube now, and submit a video from anywhere in the world up until midnight tonight.


The Hunger Games premiere, live on

The big day is almost here. You can officially start planning your Katniss/Effie/Peeta costume –The Hunger Games premiere in Los Angeles is Monday night and we’ll be streaming it live on! The movie officially opens around the country on March 23, but catch Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and co. on the red carpet here first. And if you’re in LA, you’d better already be downtown at the Nokia Theater where they are allowing fans to camp out overnight for a chance to attend the big event.


Major DVD releases: Melancholia, The Descendants, My Week With Marilyn, Young Adult, The Adventures of Tintin

It’s a big day for home viewing – catch (nearly) everything you didn’t get a chance to see in the theaters before Oscar week as some major films come out on DVD. One of our favorite ‘Nominated for Nothing’ flicks, Melacholia with Kirsten Dunst, is in the mix, along with The Descendants, Michelle Williams’ nominated turn in My Week With Marilyn, animated film The Adventures of TinTin, and the edgy Jason Reitman-helmed Young Adult.


American Idol : The Top 12 perform, Fox, 8p.m.

We’re getting there – American Idol is already down to its Top 12 contestants and tonight they take the stage for the judges. The theme hasn’t been announced yet, but rocker Daughtry will perform on the follow up results show Thursday, so maybe there will be a harder edge to the songs this week?


Community, NBC, 8 p.m.

Bonus: DVD rental The Ides of March

As one astute commenter pointed out, Community makes its valiant return tonight on NBC. Will the fan favorite hold its own being scheduled up against ratings winner Big Bang Theory?

Also, just for fun – it’s the Ides of March– March 15, like the real ides of March — but this year there’s a film out on DVD to go along with the ever-ominous date. So grab a copy of the George Clooney/Ryan Gosling political thriller The Ides of March and do your best Caesar impression at home.


Film releases: 21 Jump Street, Casa de Mi Padre

March is notoriously slow for movie releases, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun (although perhaps a bit mindless) comedies hitting the multiplex. 21 Jump Street is a fun ride down memory lane (where’s Johnny Depp?), with Channing Tatum and Oscar-nominated Jonah Hill as a pair of ne’er do well cops sent to break up a school drug ring. Also out this weekend: hear Will Ferrell’s reportedly impressive Spanish in Casa di mi Padre.


Chasing Leprechauns, Hallmark Channel, 8 p.m.

Don your favorite green outfit and check out Hallmark’s latest cutesy holiday-themed endeavor – the story of a corporate hack (Adrian Pasdar) sent to Ireland to close a deal on a construction site that – get this – is rumored to be inhabited by leprechauns. I kid you not, this is really on TV. Or there’s always the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day-themed horror flick, Leprechaun (1993), starring Jennifer Aniston in her film debut.


Frozen Planet, Discovery Channel, 8p.m.

Penguins, and polar bears, and sea lions, oh my! In this new co-production with the BBC, Discovery Channel explores life in the polar areas of the world, giving a new view of these vast, frozen landscapes. Alec Baldwin narrates the seven-episode series.

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