Whether you're intrigued by the music in a commercial and want to hear more or swear you know it but can't place it, we've got answers


LP, ”Into the Wild”
Things that a Citi Card can buy you, according to this spot: major mountaineering gear, an MP3 of soaring indie pop, and enough cojones to climb a very tall, precarious rock.
Where to find the song Currently just online — or as a stand-alone live version on iTunes.

The Delta Rhythm Boys, ”Alouette”
Tricksters in brightly colored suits cartwheel through the streets while a 1950s vocal group sings a jaunty schoolyard classic. Yes, everything is more whimsical in French.
Where to find the song On 2011’s Delta Rhythm Boys comp Dry Bones.

White House | Black Market
The Virgins, ”Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix)”
Model Coco Rocha delivers a (literally) kicky tabletop tap dance to a squelchy disco-boogie reworking of the NYC rockers’ 2007 indie hit.
Where to find the song On 2010’s Kitsuné: Gildas & Masaya Tokyo.

Bud Light Platinum
Kanye West, ”Runaway”
No vocals for this midnight assembly line of Bud’s new ”top shelf” electric-blue bottles — just the mournful piano plink and spare synths of ‘Ye’s post-Taylorgate mea culpa.
Where to find the song On 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Rusted Root, ”Send Me on My Way”
The toodling neo-hippie jam makes it sound like Enterprise will pick you up in a one-doored van that smells like burritos and bong water. But judging by their employees’ spiffy blazers, you can probably bank on a nice midsize sedan.
Where to find the song On the 1994 album When I Woke.

Ford Mustang
The Features, ”How It Starts”
Fueled by garage-guitar scuzz, Ford’s new roadster shifts color schemes depending on the desires of gawkers — including a little ballerina with a heart of darkness. Lesson: Like dogs, the Mustang can sense evil.
Where to find the song On the band’s 2011 album Wilderness.

Girls Love Shoes, ”Home”
While sweet coed harmonies burble, a house breaks apart and then puts itself back together. This is what a real home is made of: love, and a whole lot of nails and screws.
Where to find the song On the L.A. duo’s 2010 disc Stars.

Droid Razr
Hesta Prynn, ”Turn It Gold (Ido Z Remix)”
Do you know what’s in the back room of Verizon stores? Apparently, not dusty piles of failed tablets but a high-tech lab for spray-painting cell phones and cranking up remixed electro raps.
Where to find the song Both the original and the remix are on iTunes.

Violent Femmes, ”Blister in the Sun”
The cultishly beloved band’s Reagan-era anthem gets recast in a kaleidoscope of genres — gospel, bhangra, mariachi, speed metal — that go by in a rush of flipping laptop screens. Clap, clap!
Where to find the song If you want the original, it’s on their self-titled 1983 debut.