In the week since Rush Limbaugh set off a firestorm of controversy after calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a "slut" and "prostitute" for advocating government-funded contraception for women before Congress (Limbaugh also joked that the American people be able to watch them engage in their sexual activities online), several advertisers have left his popular conservative radio show.

According to the Los Angeles Times, in addition to condemnation from some politicians (including Republicans like John McCain), Limbaugh has already lost 11 advertisers. Among one of the companies to pull their sponsorship is California mattress company Sleep Train who, as the Times noted, "had been with Limbaugh show for 25 years." The retailer said at the time of their decision, "As a diverse company, Sleep Train does not condone such negative comments directed toward any person. We have currently pulled our ads with Rush Limbaugh."

In response, Limbaugh's spokesman Brian Glicklich forwarded an e-mail he sent to Sleep Train chief executive Dale Carlsen which read, "Unfortunately your public comments were not well received by our audience, and did not accurately portray either Rush Limbaugh's character or the intent of his remarks. Thus, we regret to inform you that Rush will be unable to endorse Sleep Train in the future." (Carlsen and Limbaugh reportedly have a longstanding working relationship and friendship. Carlsen and Sleep Train representatives were not reached for comment by the Times regarding Limbaugh's rejection of their possible future return to the show.)

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