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Hello from the road, Roomies!

Of course, I’m not actually typing while driving in Los Angeles — that would be scary. But I am currently enjoying the sunshine in L.A. while covering PaleyFest and having a lovely time. The best part of it all? I get to bring all the fun straight to you. If you haven’t checked it out, make sure you bookmark EW’s PaleyFest hub and follow me on Twitter as we head into the final stretch of panel fun. Today I’m headed to Castle, with Vampire Diaries and Revenge to follow this weekend.

But enough from me, here’s what you came for: Fresh scoop straight from the red carpet and some fun bits from my time on set at NCIS, HIMYM, and Grey’s Anatomy. (More to come from all these, too!)

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The magical first season of Once Upon a Time is set to wrap up in May, but don’t ask for the last episode’s title. “We’re debating it,” said co-executive producer Adam Horowitz. “We’ve run out — that’s it. We can’t think of a title now,” fellow co-EP Edward Kitsis joked.

But the penultimate episode is a different story. I’ll let you theorize exactly what the title “Apple Red as Blood,” means, but I can tell you that it’s part of a final arc that will focus heavily on the major players rather than stand-alone stories — like the heartwarming one we saw this week with Grumpy. “Next week is who the big bad wolf is. And then we just take off,” said Kitsis. “You’re gonna find out why the evil queen hates Snow White, what happened to Rumple’s son. You’re gonna find out who the stranger is. You’re gonna find out what happened to Kathryn and her disappearance, and it’s just gonna go crazy now.” Crazy, indeed — especially with Mary Margaret and David, Josh Dallas said.

Mr. Gold will act as Mary Margaret’s lawyer after she becomes implicated in Kathryn’s disappearance (and, possibly, murder, Kitsis teased!), and, says Dallas, “Lots of things go down. [David] feels very responsible,” he says. And it will all lead up to the epic season-ender. “All I can say is I just got the script for episode 21 and it is going to go someplace that the audience will not expect it ever to go,” he said.


You may have seen my Tweets about roaming on the NCIS set, and indeed, I’ve come back from my travels with a nugget of scoop for you! (There’s a lot more where this came from, so stay tuned!) But until then, executive producer Gary Glasberg opened up to me about the episode they were filming on the day I was on set, which will introduce us to a longtime friend of Ziva’s, played by Karina Lombard (Rescue Me, The L Word), who becomes involved in a case being worked on by the team.

“We established in the season opener that she has this friend who she was going to talk to and see,” says Glasberg. “In this episode, we’re actually going to meet this woman, who is a friend of Ziva’s who shares a bit of big sister relationship with her.”

The episode ends up taking the gang to Colombia (erm, Long Beach), where they go to investigate the case of a missing Navy chaplain. “She participates with us and helps us figure it out. Along the way, you get an understanding of the relationship [between Ziva and her friend],” he said. All this, he adds, is just a piece of the character-centric puzzle they’re putting together that will come into play heavily in the season finale. “[Ziva] is realizing that she’s made decisions along the way. She has to decide how important a relationship is to her and what she really wants from her life too,” he says. “It’s nice to be nine and a half seasons into a show and feel like the characters are still figuring out who they are. I feel like there’s a long way to go. It is realistic.”

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