By Aly Semigran
Updated March 08, 2012 at 02:45 PM EST
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Don’t put on that Victory Face just yet, Mitt Romney. As The Daily Show and The Colbert Report pointed out on Wednesday, his all-too-close win on Super Tuesday in Ohio means this thing is far from over. While that news was joyous to Colbert, who got to hit the snooze button on his Loving Mitt Romney Countdown Clock, Stewart and The Daily Show gang, who have deemed the GOP race “Endless Suffrage,” wonder if “the Republican nominee for president is being selected, at this point, by erosion.”

If you’re already as worn out by election coverage as Stewart, there’s a Leeroy Jenkins cameo that’s going to make it all worthwhile. Watch this clip and see why you’ll be PALS FOR LIFE — not just during the presidential race– with Stewart:

While Colbert didn’t have a visit from Jenkins, he did have Michael Stipe, a well-timed zinger at Rush Limbaugh, footage of a baby sloth in pajamas, and a plea for the new iPad. So who had the winning perspective on Super Tuesday: Stewart or Colbert? It’s too close to tell, PopWatchers. Check out Colbert’s moment here:

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