Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: One World.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Honestly, Jeff, I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with this. Forget about how it plays out down the line: Judge this move of the men all agreeing to go to Tribal Council even though they won immunity on the how, why, and when it happened in the game, and tell me where this ranks in the annals of dumb-ass self-defeating Survivor moves?

JEFF PROBST: Hmm, I’d say top 10 dumb-ass moves. But more importantly, you have to give Colton credit for the job he did. If he has a long-term game plan that involves the women, he just made a huge step in the right direction by getting them to get rid of a tribe member.

All eight people had to agree to it for this to happen. Only one person had to say no. Pretend you are one of those eight. Is there any way in that circumstance you agree to go to Tribal Council — thereby willingly whittling down your tribe, and perhaps getting voted out yourself?

Yes, if the majority was heading that way you are forced to go along for the ride. There are times to put your foot down, but this isn’t one of them. What’s crazy is that all eight agreed. It remains to be seen if it has a big impact on the game, but if you judge it in the moment it’s pretty risky.

So, was Tarzan challenging you and implying that you were trying to unjustly paint Colton as a racist? How do you respond to that? Especially when it is coming from a guy named Tarzan?

Ha! No, I don’t think he was picking a fight with me, but I do think he was trying to protect Colton. It could be because he truly believes there is more to Colton than people had experienced, or it could be simply because he’s in an alliance with him! As far as me responding — I love it when people challenge me. It’s when I am most alive at Tribal because now we have something to talk about!

BONUS QUESTION! Okay, Mr. Hotshot Director: You’ve wrapped your second feature film, Kiss Me. What’s next for the movie? When do you start editing this sucker? And what was the biggest surprise that came out of filming?

We are in the editing phase now. The biggest surprise…well, it didn’t surprise me how much I enjoyed the experience. It didn’t surprise me that Jenna Fischer spent more than we paid her for the entire shoot when she bought the crew a dessert truck on her last night. It didn’t surprise me that John Corbett was a very funny guy who liked to burp. It didn’t surprise me that we could finish the entire movie in 18 days. But it did surprise me how fast I would miss it.

Tease us up for next week! Will the men stage a sit-in at Tribal Council and insist they keep voting each other out?

Next week — history repeats itself. Good luck figuring that one out — even after it happens. In fact, a free buff for the first person who guesses correctly what I am referring to re: history…repeats…itself.

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